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5 Mistakes Beginners Make When Learning Guitar Online

Updated: Mar 16

Are you busy or overwhelmed but want to learn how to play the guitar? Look no further than guitar lessons online. Virtual guitar lessons can be extremely beneficial for many people out there to achieve their musical goals in a timely manner. The caveat? They have to be done the right way! Keep reading to learn the top 5 mistakes beginners make when taking guitar lessons online.

Student taking online guitar lessons

1. Not signing up for professional lessons

With the internet and social media, the world is truly at our fingertips. But what does this mean for guitar lessons? Across the world wide web, you may come across YouTube videos or courses that promise to have you playing the guitar in no time. And while these tutorial videos can be helpful during at-home practice, they are not a great alternative for professional classes. Guitar lessons online with an expert instructor can make all the difference in your musical journey. Instructors can help you level set expectations, set realistic goals, and make a lesson plan that feels personalized and right for you. When you opt for these online courses that are done without the personal touch of an instructor, you may find it hard to stay motivated or interested to learn.

Nowadays many music schools, such as Greater Toronto Music School, offer virtual courses that you can take from home with an expert instructor. This means that you’ll be able to reap all of the benefits of professional lessons without having to commute or make a bigger time commitment than you’re comfortable with.

2. Not setting goals

Like any other instrument, it’s super important to set goals for your practice. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you’re probably not going to become the next Jimi Hendrix overnight. Getting to that next level of your guitar journey is going to take time, practice, and dedication. Many of your favourite guitarists practiced for years and years before they got to where they are now. So, if you’re not picking things up right away, that’s okay! Learning an instrument is all about giving yourself the space to make mistakes and understand what works for you on how to correct them.

To help you feel accomplished during this journey, map out realistic goals before you get started. This way you’ll be able to hit those milestones and track your progress. Start by writing down your goals, put a date to them, think of any obstacles stopping you from meeting those goals, and put an action plan into place. If you’re having difficulty figuring out the right goals for you, talk to your guitar instructor!

Student taking online guitar lessons

3. Not having the right technology

Technology can be both an obstacle and an advantage. To ensure that technology is on your side, make sure you have the right setup prior to starting your guitar lessons online. Here are a few things to consider:

Internet Speed For Online Guitar Lessons

The most important factor in your online guitar lessons (aside from the guitar of course!) is your internet connection. A poor internet connection can result in laggy or glitchy video/audio during your lessons. If your instructor can’t hear you properly, they won’t be able to make recommendations on what you need to work on. Similarly, if you’re watching pre-recorded lessons, you want to make sure you can watch the entire video without it buffering or skipping.

Video & Audio Enabled Computer For Online Guitar Lessons

While you can use a phone or a tablet, a computer is the easiest way for you to take your virtual lessons. It’s more stable than a phone and has a bigger screen to see what’s happening on the other side of the lesson. Just make sure it has a camera and microphone installed in it!

Headphones For Online Guitar Lessons

While headphones are completely optional, a good pair of headphones is always nice to have. Headphones (particularly noise-canceling ones) can help you stay focused and allow you to hear the details of the lesson easier.

Microphone For Online Guitar Lessons

Again, a high-quality microphone is also optional but always a nice-to-have so that your instructor can hear you playing better and/or so you can make better recordings!

4. Diminished Line Of Communication

Not meeting your instructor in-person can make you feel a bit distanced from them and their lessons. Whether you’re doing your lessons over a video call or watching a pre-recorded class, it’s important to keep a regular line of communication open. Don’t be afraid to get to know your instructor and become comfortable with them. The more comfortable you feel reaching out to them, the easier it will become to share your struggles and wins. Plus, the more your instructor gets to know you, the way you learn, and your musical interests, the easier time they’ll have personalizing a lesson plan to you!

5. Using The Wrong Space For Lessons

Your in-home setup for lessons and practice can truly make or break your virtual guitar experience. Whether it’s an entirely separate room or a corner of your bedroom, try to create a dedicated space for your guitar practice. Make sure it’s as free of distractions as possible so you can fully focus on your lessons. Also keep in mind that your lessons/practice will probably get loud so create your space somewhere that won’t bother your family/roommates. Lastly, make it fun! Learning how to play music should be a fun and rewarding experience which means your practice space doesn’t have to be boring. Make your space as minimalist or maximalist as you’d like to get your creative juices flowing.

Are you interested in signing up for virtual guitar lessons? We’d love to have you here at Greater Toronto Music School! We offer online guitar lessons that fit around you and your busy schedule. Our professional instructors are trained to teach beginners all the way to budding experts. They can create a lesson plan to cater to your needs and goals. Give us a call today to learn more!

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