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5 Mistakes Beginners Make When Learning Piano Online

Updated: Mar 16

So, you’ve decided to sign up for online piano lessons. Many successful musicians started their musical journeys by learning to play on their family-owned pianos. Today, many budding musicians are purchasing or renting digital pianos. Digital pianos have become available in recent years and offer more portability, occupy less space and come at a significantly lower price tag than their acoustic counterparts. Many also offer features like weighted keys and touch sensitivity that were previously unavailable in most electronic pianos. Whichever you choose, starting your musical journey with the decision to learn piano is a great choice.

Much like the instruments themselves, this musical skill was often passed down in generations. However, with the fast-paced times, parents have limited time to mentor their children with this beautiful life skill. The good news is that online piano lessons are a great way for children and adults to master the instrument at their pace in the comfort of their own home. Let us reflect on some common approaches that will help enhance your experience with online piano lessons.

A student during her online piano lesson

Sign up with a professional group

The convenience of online classes has opened a plethora of opportunities for us to learn and pick up new hobbies. It would be very easy to begin online piano lessons and familiarize yourself with the world of keys, but you will need to have an experienced Toronto music teacher in order to keep you feeling inspired and motivated. Professional groups and instructors with structured lesson plans can help set the right expectations and provide you with the personalized touch that is required to reach your goals as a musician

At Greater Toronto Music School, we offer personalized and engaging online piano classes. We select the appropriate methodology and repertoire for you based on your goals, interests, and skill levels. For those of you with jam-packed schedules, that means you will be able to reap all the benefits of studying with a top Toronto piano teacher while saving a lot of commuting time.

Use the right technical equipment while learning

Technology can be both a boon or bane. To make the experience enjoyable while taking piano lessons online, make sure you have the right technical equipment. You may benefit from investing in some additional equipment to maximize your experience while learning piano online.

Check for internet speed

The most important factor in your online piano lessons (aside from the piano of course!) is your internet connection. A poor internet connection can result in crawling or glitchy video and audio during your lessons. If your instructor cannot hear you properly, they will not be able to make recommendations on what you need to work on.

Have an audio & video enabled computer

Having a computer or laptop with a big screen will help you to have the best experience while taking piano lessons online. The in-built microphone will also help you to be guided by your instructor with clarity. While phones or tablets may be used, a laptop or computer with camera and microphone will be the easiest for virtual lessons.

Have a dedicated space for learning

Your home setup space for lessons and practice can truly make or break your virtual piano experience. Whether it is an entirely separate room or a corner of your bedroom, try to create a dedicated space for your online piano lessons and practice. Make sure it is free of distractions so you can fully focus on your lessons. Also keep in mind that your lessons and practice will probably get loud, so create your space somewhere that will not bother your family or roommates. Lastly, make it fun! Learning how to play music should be a fun and rewarding experience which means your practice space should inspire you to sit down at your piano and play. Make your space as minimalist or maximalist as you would like to get your creative juices flowing.

Communicate with your instructor

An effective communication with your online piano teacher can make the biggest difference in your learning experience. You and your online piano instructor share a common objective, and that is your success at learning the piano. Your communication with your instructor will help him or her to prepare lesson plans for you according to your pace of learning. An open communication will be helping the instructor to map your learning graph effectively.

Have a deadline for your learning

Setting goals for your virtual lessons will help achieve the desired outcomes faster and will make your learning experience more satisfying overall. You need to understand that musical skills are not developed overnight and you will not become the sensation of the season right away. Learning music requires years of practice and dedication and your musical journey will be filled with challenges that you will feel overjoyed to overcome. Set yourself realistic weekly or monthly goals to define your learning and to track your progress.

Begin learning by writing the goals with your instructor, put a date and think of all the obstacles that might hamper your online piano lessons. Put in place an alternative plan to stay motivated. Map out your musical journey at your pace and hit the desired milestones.

Are you interested in signing up for virtual piano lessons? We would love to have you at Greater Toronto Music School! We offer online piano lessons that fit around you and your busy schedule. Our Toronto piano instructors are experienced at teaching beginners all the way to experts. They can create a lesson plan to cater to your needs and goals. Enroll now or give us a call today to learn more!

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