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Guitar Lessons In Toronto: Top 5 Acoustic Guitars For Beginners

Updated: Mar 16

Thinking of learning how to play the guitar? After making the decision to try out guitar lessons in Toronto, the next step is to find the perfect guitar for you! There are many factors that go into choosing the best acoustic guitar which will help you decide what is going to work for your personal needs when learning how to play. Keep reading to find out about the top 5 acoustic guitars when beginning guitar lessons in Toronto!

acoustic guitar

Why acoustic?

Most guitar players and musicians recommend learning how to play on an acoustic guitar rather than electric for a few reasons. First, logistically the acoustic guitar requires only the guitar itself and a pick while an electric guitar needs an amp, guitar cable, and more to even play. This means a bigger investment for beginners to make and more space taken up in the home. Additionally, the lack of additional equipment needed means that you can focus solely on learning how to play the guitar rather than fumbling with amps and pedals. Many people say that playing an electric guitar is actually easier because of the thinner strings but acoustic guitars improve your finger strength and rhythm discipline. So while it is possible to learn how to play on an electric guitar, using an acoustic guitar at the beginning will help your concentration, finger strength, and budget!

Best acoustic guitars for beginners

There are thousands of guitars out there that all offer different benefits. Before choosing the guitar for you, you need to figure out what your priorities are. What is your budget? Are you buying a guitar for you or your child to learn on? Are you left or right-handed? Does the look of the guitar matter to you? All of these questions and more can help determine what type of acoustic guitar you want to opt for.

1. Fender CD-60S

Fender Acoustic Guitar
Fender CD-60S

Fender is one of the top names when it comes to the guitar business and the CD-60S is no exception. Fender crafted this guitar specifically for people who are learning how to play. They created the neck profile to be easy to learn on as the company has actually dubbed it as their “easy-to-play” shape. This is due to its slim fit that makes it comfortable to play, especially for those with small hands. This guitar is made of solid spruce and mahogany making it durable and long lasting. It’s also a great guitar for people on a budget at around $250.

Yamaha FG800M Acoustic Guitar
Yamaha FG800M

2. Yamaha FG800M

The FG800M is one of the most popular acoustic guitars for beginners everywhere. This is because it checks off all of your basic boxes and comes in at a reasonable price. This acoustic guitar sits around $200-$250 but provides everything you’re going to want in your first acoustic. The best attribute of this guitar is that it’s high-quality and durable to last you through the years. It can also serve all of the lefties out there and simply sounds great. Keep in mind that this is a larger guitar that may not be ideal for children or anyone who is petite. While the Yamaha FG800M doesn’t provide any unique looks, it is a quality guitar for beginners that you

simply cannot go wrong with!

3. Martin LX1E Little Martin

Another very popular acoustic guitar for new players is the Martin LX1E Little Martin. And while the size of this may be on the smaller end of the spectrum, it actually packs a punch! This guitar is incredibly well made from solid source and mahogany. The size and shape makes it easy and comfortable to play. It also sounds great even when not plugged in. The LX1E makes a great guitar for children, petite people, or those who travel often with their guitar! While this is a great beginner guitar, it is on the pricier side compared to some of the others on this list. The Martin LX1E Little Martin will cost you around ~$630 which when compared to its size, is quite high. That said, the quality and sound of this guitar totally stacks up to its cost.

Martin LX1E Little Martin acoustic guitar
Martin LX1E Little Martin

4. Seagull S6

Seagull is a Canadian company that is known for their quality and gorgeous looking guitars. The biggest benefit of the S6 guitar is that it’s Canadian-built which means a higher level of durability and quality. It’s made from solid cedar which as you may have noticed, is not as common amongst acoustic guitars. While the look of this guitar is very simple, the construction and sound quality is top tier. Because the S6 is so well made, it’s great for beginners to stay in tune. Since it is made in Canada with top notch materials, the Seagull S6 will run you about $630 on average.

Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar
Seagull S6

5. Taylor Academy 10

Many guitar players will also rank the Taylor Academy 10 as one of the best acoustic guitars for beginners. The company has a great reputation within the industry amongst seasoned players and the Taylor Academy 10 was one of its first guitars that was marketed towards newbies. This guitar boasts a thin neck which fits into the hands much more easily. The rounded armrest also makes it more comfortable to play and sit with. And although it is categorized as a great guitar for beginners, it certainly doesn’t sound like a beginner guitar! The sound quality is some of the best which helps keep new players in tune. Like many acoustic guitars, it’s also made of solid spruce. This is the most expensive acoustic guitar on this list coming in at around $875 which means it’s not ideal if you’re not totally sold on guitar lessons in Toronto just yet. If you are committed to learning and continuing playing the guitar, the Taylor Academy 10 is a great option for you.

Taylor Academy 10 Acoustic Guitar
Taylor Academy 10

Great Toronto Music School would love to help you achieve your goals when it comes to learning how to play the guitar. Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you’re interested in taking guitar lessons in Toronto!

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