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Tuba, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone

When I first picked up the tuba in Grade 7, I went home and told my mom that I could play three notes.

So I played them for her. She told me that I had just played the same note three times! 15 years later, I

found myself playing a lot more notes when I performed a tuba concerto as a soloist with the KW


I know playing a musical instrument can be hard at first, but I believe that the experience can be so fun

and rewarding that it is worth it to persevere.

I got my start playing in a brass quintet with my friends, and I have always tried to keep music as fun and

enjoyable as it was then. Since then, I have been pursuing a career in music, and I have my Bachelor of

Music, Honours, Performance from Wilfrid Laurier University. I have performed everywhere from

breweries and back yards to symphony halls and churches, in groups big and small, and enjoyed it all.

I am excited to share that passion for music with a new generation of young brass players.

As a musician, performer, and teacher I think embracing what you love about music, regardless of the

norm, is most important. From classical to modern, to tuba beatboxing, I have carved my own path in

the musical world, and I hope that I can help you do the same, whether that’s picking up the instrument

for the first time, preparing for an RCM exam or audition, or just looking to be the best player you can


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