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Piano, Guitar, Bass, Voice, Songwriting, Music Production, Ukulele

Diego is a Chilean songwriter, music producer, multi-instrumentalist, and music educator with a rich musical journey spanning 21 years.

During his formative years, Diego embarked on his musical path by taking private lessons in electric guitar and vocals while honing his songwriting skills.

In 2011, Diego enrolled in the esteemed Escuela Moderna De Música y Danza in Santiago de Chile. There, he delved into music theory, composition, musical arrangements, piano, and music culture. This comprehensive education enabled him to master the art of composing various musical genres and become proficient in multiple instruments. Diego's study of bass guitar allowed him to grasp the intricacies of groove and the inner workings of the rhythm section. Additionally, his exploration of the ukulele brought a fresh perspective to his songwriting, creative workflows, and the interpretation of popular music.

In 2017, Diego earned two diplomas from 101 Training Center in Santiago de Chile, equipping him with extensive knowledge in music production and studio recording techniques. Through this training, he developed expertise in working with different digital audio workstations, recording various musical instruments, familiarizing himself with studio equipment, and effectively communicating with fellow musicians during collaborations. In 2021, Diego moved to Canada and further expanded his skills and knowledge at the Harris Institute Of Arts in Toronto, studying live sound, music business, contracts, concert promotion, music marketing, and more.

As a versatile Music Producer, Diego specializes in a wide range of genres, including Pop, R&B, Dance Music, Funk, Rock, and Latin Music. He has been an integral part of different bands, collaborating with numerous musicians and consistently assuming leadership roles.

As an artist, Diego has successfully written and produced music with singers from across the globe. His talent has taken him to various venues in Chile and Australia, where he has captivated audiences with his performances. You can find his work on digital music platforms under the name "Diego Mar."

With nearly a decade of experience as an educator, Diego is a Toronto music teacher who is deeply committed to providing high-quality music education. Through private lessons and workshops, he employs holistic teaching methods that incorporate body awareness, creativity, communication, music theory, interpretation of musical instruments, art appreciation, collaboration, self-development, and goal setting. Diego crafts personalized study programs that keep students engaged and motivated to practice regularly. For those aiming to pursue a professional music career, Diego seamlessly integrates his extensive knowledge of the music industry into his lessons.

Diego's unwavering mission is to bring out the best in his students. He serves as an encouraging mentor, providing continuous support and guidance as he helps his students discover the wonderful benefits of music.

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