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Voice, Piano, Guitar

Jada is a Toronto music teacher who embarked on her musical journey at the tender age of 7, commencing piano lessons in Toronto that would shape her passion for music. At the age of 12, she broadened her horizons and began Toronto singing lessons. Her dedication to honing her craft continued through high school, where she enrolled at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts, immersing herself in the Vocal Music program for a fulfilling four-year span. Here, she focused intently on cultivating her talents in music theory, ear training, and live performance, a pivotal chapter in her musical odyssey.

Her educational pursuit took her to new heights, culminating in her graduation from the Music Industry Arts and Performance program at Centennial College in May of 2023. As a testament to her unwavering commitment to music, she now looks forward to advancing her studies in Music Education.

Throughout the years, Jada's musical journey has been marked by her involvement in numerous choirs. In 2017, she achieved a significant milestone when she contributed her vocal talents as a member of the Mass Choir for Eastern Canada during the COG Teen Talent competition at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee. Their performance earned them first place that year, a testament to her prowess.

Jada's musical identity extends beyond the choir. As a versatile singer-songwriter, she creates her own music as a solo artist and collaborates with her band. Her versatility doesn't stop at vocals; she's a multi-instrumentalist, proficient in piano, guitar, bass, and ukulele. She holds a particular fondness for genres like indie rock, punk, and folk, constantly seeking innovative and captivating avenues for artistic expression.

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