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Piano, Voice, Theory, Composition

Nova is a passionate music teacher based in Toronto who holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Composition at the University of Toronto and has over 1 decade of experience teaching students of all ages. Nova has a broad and comprehensive knowledge base, not only of composition, but of piano and vocal performance, music theory, and music history as well. Nova finds joy in helping students find a context for the music they study that lets them connect with it on a personal level. Their goal is to make concepts that seem dry, more accessible and interesting, so that their students can fall in love with the artistry of music.

Nova has experience teaching neurodivergent students, such as those with ADHD or other learning and executive functioning disabilities and those who are autistic. Nova finds this particularly rewarding and has the ability to share the information in a way that is easy to grasp because they are autistic themselves. Their teaching style aims to accommodate the unique learning style of every student, which includes abled and disabled students. Nova is non-binary and enjoys teaching students who are exploring their gender identity.

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