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Bass, Piano, Guitar

Paul Trevor (“PT”) was born in Houston, Texas, but has lived all over and considers Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to be his hometown. His broad interests and musical flexibility have allowed him to play with a wide range of musical groups ranging from old school swing style jazz, to modern creative improvised musics, to funk, rock, and more.

At the age of 5, PT began his musical journey with classical violin and viola. PT learned through the Suzuki method, which taught him by ear rather than through reading music for many years. PT continued with viola, playing in youth symphonies, and studying with Andrew Wickesberg of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra until eventually making a transition to the bass, which called to him more than the other instruments he had played.

Throughout High School, PT found himself drawn to many of the musical ensembles, in particular the Jazz Band, where he played bass, and the Concert/Marching Band, where he played tuba/sousaphone. While in the Jazz Band, PT had the chance to work with Grammy award winning producer and guitarist Marty Ashby, who inspired him, along with his mentor Tony DePaolis, to take music to the next level and study Jazz Performance in his post-secondary education.

Currently attending the University of Toronto for Jazz Performance, PT was honoured to have been awarded the Mary Alice Stuart Scholarship for being an outstanding emerging artist in 2020. During His studies at U of T, PT has gotten to privately study with the great Dave Young, Dan Fortin, and Andrew Downing. He has also studied Piano under Noam Lemish

PT also co-leads an up-and-coming contemporary Jazz group, UMOF, as well as plays in a number of bands such as the Kae Murphy Quartet (K4tet), Fudge Judy, Butterfly Szn, Lavender Town, Tea For 3, The Matilda Armstrong Quintet, The Jade Visions Sextet, and others.

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