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Music is a universal language that communicates not in words, but in emotions.  Whether you've always wanted to play or you're an experienced musician looking to take your playing to the next level, GTMS offers a safe, fun, well rounded and unique learning experience for students of all ages and skill levels.  Our top Toronto music teachers are excited to meet you!


Our Toronto Music Teachers

Our Toronto music teachers are post-secondary music graduates with plenty of hands-on experience as educators, performers and recording industry professionals.

A music teacher in Toronto

Director's Notes

I have been surrounded by music for my whole life.  My parents are big music lovers and exposed me to various different styles of music as a child.  I started studying piano from an early age and when I was eleven, I began playing the drums.  Throughout high school I learned as much as I could, teaching myself to play guitar, playing in bands and performing around the city as often as possible.  After graduating high school, I headed to London to study business at the University of Western.  Music was my true calling and while studying at UWO, I still played, studied and performed as much as possible.  It was during my time in London that I formed an original band called After Funk and we began recording and releasing our own music and touring regionally in support of it.  Drawing on my business background, I took it upon myself to manage the band, overseeing our team, coordinating releases, booking and marketing tours and more.  Following my time in London, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to study music in Humber College's prestigious Bachelor of Music program.  Since graduating from Humber, I have worked in the music industry as an educator, internationally touring musician and recording industry professional. For me, the learning never stops and I will be a lifelong student of music.  Most recently, I have began studying tabla, an Indian percussion instrument and am loving my journey.  Nothing makes me happier than sharing my passion for music with others and seeing them get as excited about learning as I do.  

Jaime Rosenberg

Jaime Rosenberg



Learning and instrument provides a full body and brain workout.  Music lessons in Toronto or online music lessons leave an everlasting positive effect on the brain, helping to develop confidence and set a strong foundation for learning.  It also provides a wonderful outlet for creativity.



Our summer and winter concerts offer an opportunity for students to showcase their talent in a fun and supportive setting.  Students will enjoy the unique experience of performing song of their choice solo or alongside a real band made up of GTMS instructors.  This gives students something to work towards during their Toronto music lessons.

What We Do

GTMS provides high quality, fun and engaging music lessons in Toronto for students of all ages and skill levels.  Classes are tailored to each student's goals, interests and needs and are conveniently available online and in the comfort of your own home.

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Learn Your Way

Our Toronto music teachers are sensitive to different learning styles and look for the best approach for each student.  Music lessons in Toronto will spark thoughtful discussions about new materials and use a combination of visual and auditory learning materials to ensure full comprehension.

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