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Toronto's Premier Guitar Lessons: In-Person & Virtual Classes

Award Winning Toronto Guitar Lessons

Join us for guitar lessons in Toronto where you can expect a personalized experience designed to cater to your needs, learning preferences, and musical interests. Whether you're an electric, acoustic or classical guitarist, our dedicated team of top Toronto guitar instructors is committed to helping you achieve your musical goals.

Meet Your Toronto Guitar Teacher

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Top Toronto Guitar Lessons

Discover the joy of playing guitar with our expert Toronto guitar teachers. We foster a passion for music by encouraging students to explore the genres they love. Our approach is centred on creating an engaging and enjoyable learning environment, where students not only develop essential skills but also cultivate positive habits that last a lifetime. Our guitar lessons in Toronto are perfect for students of all ages and skill levels.

Our Awards

Award for the best music lessons in the  Greater Toronto Area
Award for the best music lessons in North York
Award for the best guitar lessons in Toronto
Award for the best music lessons in Pickering

Our Awards

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Experience the best guitar lessons in Toronto.  Greater Toronto Music School has won awards for our guitar lessons across Toronto & the GTA.  Learn with Toronto's top guitar teachers.

Spark Your Creativity With Our Toronto Guitar Lessons

Our top Toronto guitar teachers are here to help students of all ages and skill levels dive into the world of guitar. With a diverse curriculum, whether you're interested in acoustic guitar lessons, electric guitar lessons or classical guitar lessons, we have the perfect teacher for you. Our lessons focus on honing technique and understanding music, all while letting you learn the songs you love. Join our Band Program where you will join together with other students and learn more about your role as a guitarist.


Online & In-Person Guitar Lessons In Toronto

Our Toronto guitar lessons are conveniently available in the comfort of your home, in one of our studio locations or virtually through our online portal where our Toronto guitar teachers will upload notes and documents to support classes. 

A student performing at a music recital.

Performance Opportunities 

Students are encouraged to participate in our two annual recitals.  They will have the opportunity to showcase the repertoire from their Toronto guitar lessons. Click here to see our latest recital.


Enrichment For You Or Your Child

Learning to play the guitar has an everlasting impact on the brain.  Toronto guitar lessons help people to develop language and math skills and also provides a great outlet for creativity. 

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Highly Qualified Toronto Guitar Teachers

Our Toronto guitar teachers have completed post-secondary music degrees and are experienced educators, performers and recording industry professionals.

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The Best Guitar Lessons In Toronto

Lesson plans are created specifically for each student based on their goals, musical interests and learning style.  Taking these factors into account will insure that our Toronto guitar lessons are informative, relatable and fun!


Convenient And Flexible Scheduling

Classes are offered 7 days a week so you or your child can learn when it's convenient for you.  Whether you're looking for a weekend, a weekday, or an evening guitar lessons in Toronto are available for you.

Toronto's Best Guitar Teachers For In-Person And Online Music Lessons

Are you looking for Toronto's best guitar teachers to elevate your guitar skills? Greater Toronto Music School 
has a team of qualified and experienced guitar teachers to help you take your guitar skills to the next level. Our best-rated guitar teachers are carefully selected for their professional experience, educational
background, and their warm personalities. Look at our Guitar Teachers in action here:

Our Students' Reviews

Greater Toronto Music School is rated 5/5 on average from 100+ reviews on Google!


Sarita R.

Jaime from Greater Toronto Music School started working with my kids teaching keyboard and acoustic guitar when the pandemic began.  Neither had prior experience with instruments.  All of our lessons have been over video conferencing and they have been amazing!  Jaime is excellent at teaching and keeping my kids engaged.  I never imagined they could progress so well, especially without in-person classes.  Lessons are fun and; he is extremely patient and helpful and is always encouraging their progress. 


Genevieve A.

Greater Toronto Music has provided a window of joy for my 7 year old. Each Tuesday he looks forward to his session with Kyle to learn the keyboard. I receive helpful text messages of my son's progress after each session. When technology plays havoc - our instructor Kyle always finds a way to make the time up. It has been such a lovely experience thus far that when given the opportunity to do "Show and Tell" at school - my son chose to showcase his new found abilities.


Vincenza D.

The Greater Toronto Music school admin team has great response time and are effective communicators. I am taking  lessons from one of their teachers (Jesse) and although lessons have been online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the level of expertise shines through the screen. I have learned a lot so far and look forward to continuing on for many years to come. Highly recommend!


Ian T.

Madison has moved me ahead more in the past two months than I moved forward over the past several years.   She is able to identify the areas where I need to improve AND exactly what I should be working on.  I am very comfortable with the online format and in fact happy I don't have to go anywhere for my lesson. The cost per lesson is modest; I feel I get great value. Jaime actually calls and emails me to check in, see how things are going, which is really welcomed. 

What Makes Us Different

Greater Toronto Music School is the first choice of guitar students in Toronto and across
Canada because our experience and certified guitar teachers care about you and your guitar
lesson journey. We create personalized, well-balanced, fun, and engaging guitar lessons for
students of all ages and skill levels to ensure that you reach your goals.


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15+ Years Of Experience


40+ Top Toronto Music Teachers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What qualifications do your Toronto piano teachers have?
    In addition to their post-secondary music education, our Toronto piano teachers have many years of teaching, performing and recording experience. Drawing on their education and experience as professional musicians, teachers will devise lesson plans specifically for each student, taking into consideration their skill levels, musical interests and learning styles. Our goal is to make piano lessons in Toronto fun and engaging, while maintaining a strong focus on learning core fundamental skills like technique, reading, theory, ear training and more.
  • Do I need to have an instrument at home?
    Many people who are considering enrolling in piano lessons in Toronto ask us if having an instrument at home is necessary. Initially, you can begin without an instrument but after the first few lessons, having access to a piano or keyboard is important. In order to properly learn and develop skills as a pianist, consistent practice is essential. Some of our students rent an instrument, some own and some will practice on instruments in other locations, such as grandparents’ houses, friends’ houses or churches.
  • Is a keyboard ok or do I need a real piano?
    While there is nothing quite like an acoustic piano, a keyboard is ok and in fact, many students are opting for them while beginning Toronto piano lessons! They are a lower cost option, they’re lightweight, portable and compact which all make them ideal for individuals looking to begin piano lessons in Toronto. If you are considering a digital piano, we recommend looking for one with 88 weighted, touch sensitive keys. These instruments replicate the feeling of playing on an acoustic piano which will help the player to develop the same touch as a student who is learning on an acoustic instrument. For beginners on a budget, we recommend checking out the Casio CDPS100 which is sold at Costco and offers great value and all of the features you need to get started.
  • Can I rent a piano or keyboard?
    Yes, you can rent a digital piano. You can rent an acoustic piano as well, but this is not advised as it will be quite expensive! Renting is an extremely popular option especially for those who are trying to determine whether the piano is right for them or their child. Rentals are available for approximately $50 per month from Long & McQuade and this is a great budget-friendly option for anyone looking to get started with piano lessons in Toronto. Our top Toronto piano teachers always recommend renting an instrument equipped with weighted & touch sensitive keys.
  • What are weighted keys and why are they important?
    On an acoustic piano when the player presses a key, it triggers a tiny hammer on the inside of the instrument which in turn strikes a string. The string resonates on the inside of the piano, producing the sound. Pianists will feel a little bit of weight behind the key when the hammer strikes the string and as the pitch gets higher on the instrument, the strings get thinner on the inside. This causes the key to feel a little bit lighter. Certain keyboards, referred to as digital pianos, feature weighted keys to imitate playing on an acoustic piano. This will help students who are learning and practicing on a digital piano develop proper touch. These keys also tend to be velocity sensitive, which allows students to control volume with their fingers and touch instead of relying solely on the volume knob. Developing a nice touch and sense of dynamics (volume) is an integral skill for any student taking piano lessons in Toronto.
  • What is the best age to begin piano lessons in Toronto?
    There is not a set age that is best suited for all students to start with Toronto piano lessons. In our experience, there are children as young as two years old exhibiting excellence and an extraordinary ability to focus on playing and learning the piano, however, we generally recommend starting as young as 4 years old. Students who begin playing while they are young often have an easier time grasping more complex patterns and develop very strong muscle memory. This does not mean that starting later will negatively impact a child’s progress - the single most important factor in determining if your child is ready to begin piano lessons in Toronto is whether or not they have the ability to focus for 30 minutes without getting very distracted.
  • Am I too old for Toronto piano lessons?
    Many adults wonder if they are too old to begin with piano lessons in Toronto despite a deep love for music and a strong desire to learn to play. Our answer: You are never too old to begin playing or to work more on your craft. We have had many students in their 70s and 80s and are amazed by how music can keep an aging mind extremely sharp and provides a great outlet for creativity as well!
  • How much practice is required and what is the best way to practice?
    Ideally students should practice daily but we know that life can get busy. Set a realistic goal for your practice, such as 4 sessions per week, and do your best to achieve it. The length of each session will vary depending on the age and level of the student. A 4 year old who is just starting might try to spend 10-15 minutes per session, a 10 year old novice player might spend 30 minutes per day while an adult who is playing at a high level and has been enrolled in Toronto piano lessons for years might spend over one hour. The most dedicated pianists will likely spend even more time, practicing up to 8 hours per day! During practice time, it is always better to take pieces section by section, focusing on the difficult parts. Often, students will practice the entire song, repeating the same mistake over and over every time that section comes up. This is ineffective and practice time should be spent correcting these mistakes instead of repeating them! Students who have graduated past the initial stages of their piano lessons in Toronto will be playing pieces with both hands. Remember to learn the parts separately before trying to put them together. It is always better to practice (almost) daily for less time per session than it is to practice for 2 hours the day before your lesson. Always remember that learning piano is a skill that requires lots of time, dedication and patience. If you feel tired or are experiencing physical pain, take a break and come back to it when you’re feeling ready.
  • Are Toronto piano lessons available in different styles?
    Yes! Our Toronto piano teachers are extremely versatile and can help you learn to play the piano, organ, synthesizer or clavinet. Whether you’re looking to learn Classical music, Jazz, Funk, Rock & Roll we’ve got you covered! Just let us know your goals and interests and we will make sure that your piano lessons in Toronto are helping you achieve them.
  • Which curriculum do you use for piano lessons in Toronto?
    Our Toronto piano lessons aim to build a strong musical foundation and love for the music students are learning. We understand that each person has unique interests, learning styles and goals and taking these things into consideration, build lesson plans tailored to each student. Often students will come to us wanting to learn a song that they heard in a movie, tv show or on the radio. We do our best to incorporate these requests into lessons since most people find joy in playing music that they love. We do teach many tried-and-true methods such as RCM, Suzuki, Bastien, Piano Adventures, and Alfred’s as well, and will often balance one of these methods with supplemental material to find a nice balance. We recommend having a discussion with your instructor to clarify your goals and interests.
  • Can I take piano lessons in my home?
    Yes! Our roster of Toronto piano teachers are available to travel to your home. This is an extremely popular option for those with a busy schedule who enjoy the convenience of staying home but prefer in person piano lessons in Toronto. Contact us for scheduling availability in your area.
  • Can I take online piano lessons?
    Yes! We have many great Toronto piano teachers available for online lessons. Many students prefer online piano lessons because they offer greater flexibility and convenience.
  • Where is your location for piano lessons in Toronto?
    We have several locations throughout the GTA, situated in the home studios of our Toronto piano teachers rather than retail spaces. If you're interested in piano lessons in Toronto, please contact us and we'll provide information on the nearest location to you.
  • Do you host student recitals?
    Yes, we host two recitals each year. One is in June, coinciding with the end of school, and one is in December, coinciding with the holiday season. We also offer open mic nights for our adult students. Recitals are great for several reasons. They give students something to work towards, they’re a great opportunity to build confidence as musicians and as individuals and they are always fun and filled with great music. Students work so hard during their music lessons in Toronto all year and it’s always inspiring to be able to hear their progress.
  • What are the cognitive benefits of Toronto piano lessons?
    Toronto piano lessons offer many cognitive benefits outside of the world of music. Children who study music display increased math, reading and memory skills. Learning music opens up new social circles, be it from group piano lessons in Toronto or from sharing an interest with so many like minded people. Music is also an amazing outlet for creativity, which is extremely important for developing minds! Read more about the cognitive benefits of music lessons in Toronto here.
  • Can piano lessons help children with Autism, ADHD and other special needs?
    Music can significantly impact our moods, thoughts and behaviors. Listening to music, playing instruments or singing can help us feel more relaxed, manage negative emotions, reduce stress and so much more. Piano lessons in Toronto can be a fantastic way to help children with autism, ADHD and other special needs manage their emotions and feel more relaxed, calm and focused. Learn more about how Toronto piano lessons can help children with special needs here.
  • How long does it take to learn the piano?
    This question entirely depends on your goals. After one or two piano lessons in Toronto, you or your child should be able to play at least a basic song (Mary Had A Little Lamb, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, etc.), however, the best pianists dedicate their lives to their craft and feel that the learning will never end. Aspiring professional pianists will be looking at 10-15 years of dedicated study with a top Toronto piano teacher and at least one hour per day of focused practice. Most casual players can achieve satisfactory results in around 3 years with regular practice.
  • What else do I need to know before starting Toronto piano lessons?
    Learning any skill will take time and dedication and if you’re considering piano lessons in Toronto, this is no different! Remember to carve out time in your busy schedule for practice and lessons. If you’re the parent of a young child, be active in their learning and help them practice the material given to them by their Toronto piano teacher. Get to know your instructor and set realistic goals. Remember to be patient and go at your own pace. Learning piano should be a labour of love!

We get many questions about guitar lessons in Toronto.  Below you will find the answers to the most common ones.  If you have other questions, don't hesitate to contact us!


Our Toronto Guitar Teachers

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Josh is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a degree in Jazz Performance. His passion for music has seen him teaching Toronto guitar lessons, performing and writing across a variety of styles, with a strong focus on jazz, rock and folk.

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Abshir is a guitar teacher in Toronto who is appreciated for his creative interpretations, and wide variety of repertoire. He has received first prize at the FCMF national competition in the guitar category and has been included in CBC’s ‘Top 30 Under 30.

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Under the careful instruction of many top Toronto music teachers, Justin studied both piano and guitar. Now enrolled at York University, Justin is pursuing his Bachelor of Music degree with aspirations of teaching at the high school level.

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