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Mommy & Me Music:
Toronto Music Lessons For Toddlers & Parents Together

Engaging & Energetic Toronto Music Classes For Toddlers & Parents Together 

Our Toronto toddler music classes offer a great opportunity to bond with your young child while exposing them to music in an open and supportive environment.  It also offers a great social outlet for your little one and an opportunity for you to connect with other like-minded parents.

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Our Toronto Toddler Music Classes

Exposure to music in a fun, relaxed and exciting environment helps to create a love and passion for listening and playing.  When parents are involved in the learning, it also helps to create a deep bond with their youngsters.  During our toddler music classes in Toronto, we aim to provide the best environment to develop these connections.

Toddler Music Classes In Toronto That Create A Deep Bond Between Child & Parent And Strong Connection With Music

Our Toronto toddler music classes will introduce infants and toddlers to music in group sessions with their parents.  Toronto toddler music classes will incorporate many different instruments, games and activities to expose youngsters to music and help create a strong bond with their parents.  These toddler music classes in Toronto also provide a great social outlet for children and parents alike.


Highly Qualified Toronto Music Teachers

Our Toronto toddler music classes are led by highly qualified Toronto music teachers who are qualified musicians and ECEs.  We are ready to deliver a highly engaging and interactive experience to you and your child.


The Best Music Lessons In Toronto

Our music teachers have drawn on their many years of experience working as ECEs, musicians and music educators to carefully craft a curriculum that is interesting for your child.  Using a variety of instruments, games and activities, we introduce your child to music in a positive way.



Students will learn lots, form deep bonds with parents and have a great social outlet to make new friends.  Studying music has also been proven to have many cognitive benefits so you'll be setting your child up for success.  Parents are likely to make new friends as well!

What People Are Saying


Sarita R.

Jaime from Greater Toronto Music School started working with my kids teaching keyboard and acoustic guitar when the pandemic began.  Neither had prior experience with instruments.  All of our lessons have been over video conferencing and they have been amazing!  Jaime is excellent at teaching and keeping my kids engaged.  I never imagined they could progress so well, especially without in-person classes.  Lessons are fun and; he is extremely patient and helpful and is always encouraging their progress. 


Genevieve A.

Greater Toronto Music has provided a window of joy for my 7 year old. Each Tuesday he looks forward to his session with Kyle to learn the keyboard. I receive helpful text messages of my son's progress after each session. When technology plays havoc - our instructor Kyle always finds a way to make the time up. It has been such a lovely experience thus far that when given the opportunity to do "Show and Tell" at school - my son chose to showcase his new found abilities.


Vincenza D.

The Greater Toronto Music school admin team  has great response time and are effective communicator. I am taking  lessons from one of their teachers (Jesse) and although lessons have been online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the level of expertise shines through the screen. I have learned a lot so far and look forward to continuing on for many years to come. Highly recommend!


Ian T.

Madison has moved me ahead more in the past two months than I moved forward over the past several years.   She is able to identify the areas where I need to improve AND exactly what I should be working on.  I am very comfortable with the online format and in fact happy I don't have to go anywhere for my lesson. The cost per lesson is modest; I feel I get great value. Jaime actually calls and emails me to check in, see how things are going, which is really welcomed. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

We get many questions about our Mommy & Me Music lessons for infants & toddlers in Toronto.  Below you will find the answers to the most common ones.  If you have other questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

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