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10 Reasons to Learn an Instrument As An Adult

Updated: Mar 16

Making the commitment to learn a new skill or develop a new passion as an adult can be hard–especially if it’s something you have zero experience in. Many adults shy away from taking on new skills because they’re afraid it’s too late for them to learn or that they won’t have enough time to succeed. Well, we’re here to tell you that’s not true! Learning how to do something new, like playing an instrument, can be intimidating at first but the benefits will outweigh any negative thoughts you may have. Today, we’re breaking down the top 10 reasons for adults to begin music lessons in Toronto or online music lessons.

Adult musicians

1. Lowered stress levels

In 2022, something we could all use is a little bit less stress in our lives. Studies have shown that playing music (regardless of your skill level) lowers stress levels leading to a reduced chance of anxiety and depression. These lowered stress levels result in less of a risk of having high blood pressure, heart disease, and other vascular issues. The reason for the lowered stress is because as you’re playing music, your heart rate tends to slow down and your cortisol levels are decreased.

2. Increased memory

It’s no surprise that as we age, our short-term memory starts to age with us. And if you feel like your memory is getting worse, then it may be time to pick up an instrument! Playing music is known to improve memory and concentration by keeping your brain active and developing the left side of your brain further. In fact, studies have been done to link playing music to reduced symptoms of Alzheimers such as memory loss and hand function.

3. Physical health

Playing music doesn’t just help your mind, but your body as well! When you play, it’s important to have great posture which in turn helps strengthen your core muscles. If you are playing a brass or woodwind instrument, you have to learn controlled breathing which benefits your lungs and diaphragm. This means that you’ll experience easier breathing and even reduced muscle aches throughout the day. Additionally, research has shown that playing music helps improve immune functions to help fight viruses and bacteria.

Adult pianist

4. Social interaction

Making new friends as an adult can be hard! Learning how to play music means being welcomed into an amazing community of people who are all passionate about the same thing. Whether you’re taking private or group music lessons in Toronto or online, or practicing with a band, music will help bring new people into your life through a shared interest.

5. Boosts self-esteem

As we mentioned previously, learning a new skill as an adult can be intimidating and nerve-wracking at times. To allow yourself to be vulnerable to mistakes and being less than perfect will boost your feelings of confidence. Self-esteem is such an important life skill to keep us happy and motivated to be the best version of ourselves at all times. If you are finding it hard to feel confident in yourself and your accomplishments, let music lessons in Toronto or online help you.

6. Provides a sense of accomplishment

When you’re younger, your whole life is about hitting those big milestones–learning how to drive, graduating, getting your first job, etc. And as we age, those accomplishments decrease giving us less and less to look forward to. Learning how to play an instrument as an adult can add a sense of accomplishment back into your everyday life as you start on your musical journey. Not only will you have something new to look forward to each day, but hitting those small milestones throughout your musical training will help you feel good about what you’re doing.

7. Transferable skills


There are certain skills that all employers look for in their new hires such as being a team player, determination, and focus. All of these skills (and more) can be improved through learning how to play an instrument, even as an adult! And many musicians say that it’s easier for them to excel in their place of work because of the invaluable skills they learned while playing an instrument.

8. Helps with time management

If there is one thing that’s stressful about being an adult, it’s how to manage your time. From work to family life to friends and more, how do you balance everything equally? Well, believe it or not, learning an instrument can actually help you build those much-needed time management abilities through discipline. When you learn an instrument, you have to understand that you’re not going to get the hang of it right away. It will take focus and carved out practice time in your schedule to pick these skills up. Putting aside dedicated time for your musical training will help you gain focus and have a better understanding of what is a good use of your time.

9. Flexibility to your schedule

Just because you’re learning something new doesn’t mean you have to set aside hours each day to practice it! In fact, most experts recommend starting off practicing just 30-45 minutes per day when you’re first learning. Additionally, many music schools (including us!) offer online music lessons or flexible lessons that fit around anyone’s busy schedule.

A Toronto trumpet teacher

10. It’s fun

At the end of the day, learning how to play should be fun! When you're an adult, there is less pressure to be the best you can be and more focus on having fun while learning. Playing an instrument broadens our creativity abilities and allows us to enjoy the skills we are honing in on without the pressure to be the top musician.

Music classes in Toronto

If you’re still not convinced, give us a call today at Greater Toronto Music School. We offer drum lessons, guitar classes, violin lessons in Toronto, and so much more. We are able to fit your busy schedule through completely online music classes or private in-person music lessons in Toronto right from your home. You’ve got nothing to lose!

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