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10 Reasons You Should Start Toronto Drum Lessons

Updated: Mar 16

Learning to play the drums is an excellent extracurricular activity for you or your child. While it can (and should) be extremely enjoyable and fun, there are also several logical benefits to taking drum lessons. At Greater Toronto Music School, our Toronto drum lessons cater to students of all ages and skill levels, so anyone can have a well-rounded, fun, and optimized learning experience. Our top Toronto drum teachers are excited to meet you!

A Toronto drum student

1. Reduce Stress And Boost Confidence

Firstly, if you have a busy work life, and/or if your child is busy at school, adding on a new extracurricular activity may seem overwhelming- but taking drum lessons might just be the very thing you need. Playing the drums for just a few minutes a day can release positive endorphins similar to a ‘runner’s high’. Releasing these endorphins will allow you to let go of any stressors that bother you the rest of the day, and fully embrace the moment. To get started, all you have to do is search ‘drum lesson Toronto,’ and head to the Greater Toronto Music School website to sign up and start living in the moment.

2. Enrich your body and your mind

Learning an instrument, such as the drums, takes a great amount of mental and physical energy, giving you a truly full-body workout, including your brain. Music lessons in general, and drum lessons in particular, burn plenty of calories for a physical workout (think of how strong your arms will be!), but also leave a lasting, positive effect on the brain to both relieve stress as mentioned previously, and strengthen your mind in terms of both enhancing intelligence and providing an outlet for creativity.

3. Enhance Brain Power And Upgrade Your IQ

Taking drum lessons and practicing the drums regularly is a unique experience for your brain, as it must simultaneously understand and output musical notes, keep up a rhythm, and move all four limbs at once. While this is quite a difficult process to learn for the first time, you’ll improve every single time you practice- and you can feel extra satisfied knowing that you’re providing long-term benefits to your brain and IQ while you learn this cool new instrument.

For children or adults who are still in school, learning to play the drums can also help improve academic performance, especially when it comes to subjects such as English and Math. So, while other extra-curricular activities could compete with work or school, learning to play the drums actually goes hand-in-hand to improve your and/or your child’s performance in numerous areas of life.

A drummer playing Gretsch drums

4. Improve Muscle Coordination

When playing the drums, it’s no secret that you have to move and coordinate all four limbs at once, often for relatively small and very specific movements, all while keeping a set rhythm- which is something that very few other activities require. Therefore, taking drum lessons will help you gain a skill set that you can’t find anywhere else, but that will help you with almost all other activities. Improving your muscle coordination through playing the drums can then help you with any other endeavours that require your muscles, such as playing sports, doing handy work around the house, and just going about your life in general!

5. Gain Confidence And Showcase Your New Skills

Learning a new skill is always empowering, but learning the drums is especially gratifying- the drums are such a powerful instrument, and when you master them, you’ll feel like you can take on the world.

At Greater Toronto Music School, we believe in providing our students with an opportunity to showcase their new confidence and talent in a fun and supportive setting. We hold two concerts per year, in the winter and summer, so that students can perform a song of their choice alongside a real band made up of our instructors or with a backing track. You will feel like an absolute superstar! After putting on a real concert, a regular work or school presentation won’t feel nearly as daunting.

6. Learn From Leading Professionals

When learning an instrument, you want to be sure you’re in competent and professional hands- as much as we love Phoebe Buffay from Friends, we promise to teach all our students the proper names of notes and allow them to hold the instrument of their choice (whether it be guitar, drums, or anything else). Our Toronto drum teachers are post-secondary music graduates or current students with plenty of hands-on experience as educators, performers, and recording industry professionals, so you can be assured that you are learning industry-level methods and practices to become the best drummer you can be.

A drummer performing in the park

7. Tailored Lessons For Your Specific Goals And Interests

Every student, child and/or adult, has slightly different needs and learning styles, which is always taken into consideration. At Greater Toronto Music School, our teachers and classes are purposely designed to take every student’s unique goals and interests into account, so that the classes can be tailored in ways to maximize student learning. Additionally, while live instruction is often the quickest and easiest way to learn an instrument, it doesn’t have to be in person. We offer lessons both in-person and online so that you can reach your goals as fast as possible in whichever learning environment suits you best.

8. Improve Communication Skills

Learning to play the drums will help you to communicate clearly with your teacher and peers to maximize your growth, while also helping you both pick up on non-verbal cues from others and giving you an outlet to express your own emotions non-verbally through your music. For both adults and children alike, having great communication skills and being able to express emotions through a healthy outlet is key to living a happy and healthy life in general.

9. Make New Friends & Industry Connections

Whether you’re looking to make some new social connections, are passionate about getting involved with the music industry, or both, taking drum lessons at a proper music school is a great option.

You’ll be surrounded by like-minded students and peers, and can easily connect with others based on your shared hobbies. Similarly, you’ll be exposed to extremely talented, industry professional Toronto drum teachers, who can guide you on your own journey within the music industry.

10. Lifelong Learning

You can become good, great, or even excellent, but you’ll never be 100% perfect at playing the drums, or any instrument. There will always be more for you to learn and explore, which is why learning the drums (and reaping the associated benefits of doing so) is an activity you can enjoy for the rest of your life. Start your musical journey today at Greater Toronto Music School!

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