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Best Digital Pianos For Beginners: Our 2024 Buying Guide For Top Entry Level Pianos Under $1,000

Choosing top digital piano models, accessories, and reliable brands to get you started at an affordable yet reliable way. Check out our selection of budget-friendly digital pianos from the best manufacturers like Yamaha, Roland, Korg and Casio that will work for you.

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What You'll Find On This Blog:


When I was growing up, my interest in music led to the challenge of choosing the right digital piano. With no musicians in my family, my parents struggled to even understand if a digital piano is good for a beginner like me. The process of selecting the best digital piano is overwhelming and requires extensive research. Fortunately, we've created this comprehensive guide to help you navigate through budget-friendly digital piano options and accessories that maintain their quality and build a strong foundation for beginners of all ages.

In our opinion, digital pianos are the ideal choice for beginners. They replicate the sounds of a traditional piano to mimic its look and feel while offering a more affordable option. Unlike acoustic pianos, they are low maintenance, requiring no tuning or repairs. These beautiful instruments allow novice players to easily control the volume or use their headphones, making them a perfect choice for smaller spaces or performance venues. This guide goes beyond Reddit’s take on digital piano options, incorporating reviews and evaluations from our top piano teachers.

Find the answers to the most common questions about this crucial decision and get ready to buy your first digital piano!

Time to Compare: Our Top Digital Piano Recommendations For Beginners

We've curated this ultimate digital piano guide for beginners based on products you can conveniently find online from the comfort of your home. Each product of this guide was reviewed with the beginner-friendly journey in mind, and understanding that there's no such thing as 'too much piano for a starter'. With the variety of options available in the market today, there is certainly a digital piano that can help you easily adapt to the instrument while focusing on what matters most: making music!

Standing woman playing a red synthesizer piano

The Casio PX-1100 Beginner Digital Piano

The Casio PX-S1100 is a fantastic option to kick off our recommendations for beginner digital pianos. Characterized by its 88 keys and combining high-end technology with a beautiful shiny design, this full-sized instrument offers Casio’s famous Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard. Additionally, it features an illuminated touch control, creating an authentic top panel with expressive performance capabilities. Available in different colors, this lightweight digital piano is extremely portable without compromising its superior sound quality. Moreover, it offers Bluetooth MIDI and audio adapter for convenient wireless sound, along with a Duet mode, particularly interesting for playing with a partner or teacher if you are taking in person piano lessons.


  • A compact, polished, and lightweight design perfect for smaller spaces.

  • Smart Scaled Hammer Action Key, simulating a more realistic texture and touch response.

  • Connectivity and a wide variety of built-in sounds and features to explore.


  • Does not include additional accessories like a digital piano stand or pedal.

  • Built-in speakers, when not connected to an external device, might not be optimal for larger spaces.

Rating: 4.7/5

We have awarded the Casio PX-S1100 an outstanding rating of 4.7 out of 5 based on its exceptional features tailored for beginners. This digital piano’s performance, beautiful design, and weighted keys remind us of a traditional acoustic piano, providing an authentic and immersive playing experience. Its versatility and connectivity allow beginners to practice at home or bring it to their classes. Ideal for both home musicians and those on the move due to its ultra-portable and compact design, this model is a top contender among entry-level digital pianos for aspiring players.

Close-up of a black Yamaha digital piano

The Yamaha P145B Beginner Digital Piano

The Yamaha P145B stands out as a popular choice among beginners for its exceptional user-friendliness, portability, and stunning sound quality. Its responsive Graded Hammer Compact (GHC) keyboard action, combined with its weighted 88 keys, offers a realistic playing and touch experience. This characteristic makes this model an outstanding option for every level, including beginners, as the authenticity of touch enhances proper finger expression and technique. Additionally, this digital piano features a modern design with powerful 2x7 watt built-in speakers, delivering unbelievably rich sound clarity that makes practice sessions more engaging. Furthermore, its brand reliability and portable design allow aspiring piano players to perfect their skills anywhere they feel inspired or need to play. Overall, this is an excellent option that paves the way for years of musical growth.


  • Graded Hammer Compact for an authentic piano look and feel.

  • Dynamic and rich sound delivered by its powerful speakers.

  • Compact and easy-to-carry instrument, perfect for gigs or home practice.


  • Limited built-in features compared to higher-end models.

  • Requires additional accessories like a digital piano stand or pedal.

Rating: 4.6/5

Our expert piano instructors have given the Yamaha P145B a solid rating of 4.6 out of 5. Its beginner-friendly features, rich and dynamic tones, and of course, its GHC keyboard, make it an ideal option for amateur pianists. Overall, the P145B stands out for its versatility, reliability, and exceptional performance. Its authenticity and expressiveness mimic a traditional piano, captivating players of all levels, including beginners. Moreover, its compact design makes it a perfect addition to a home music studio without occupying much space while maintaining high portability.

Man's hand playing a black digital piano

The Alesis Recital Beginner Digital Piano

The Alesis Recital is an appealing option designed specifically for beginner pianists. This digital piano features a full size with 88 semi-weighted keys that replicate the experience of a real piano, though at a slightly less intense level than the previous models on this list. The Recital stands out for its five premium voices, including acoustic piano, electric piano, organ, synth, and bass. Paired with its built-in 20W speakers, this piano becomes a versatile instrument for learning, practicing, and performing across various genres and styles. Additionally, this remarkable instrument includes built-in FX with chorus and reverb, along with 128 notes polyphony for optimal lesson and playing modes. A standout feature, highly valued by our experts, is that it comes bundled with the M-Audio universal sustain pedal featuring a robust yet lightweight mechanism. Both the digital piano and pedal are highly portable, making it an excellent choice for entry-level players.


  • Affordable price for a full-size keyboard with a sustain pedal included.

  • Versatile effects and voices for beginner-friendly sound exploration.

  • Lightweight construction for easy setup and transport.


  • Semi-weighted keys may not offer the most realistic playing experience compared to other brands' models.

  • Lack of advanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity and limited polyphony.

Rating: 3.9/5

Our seasoned piano instructors have given the Alesis Recital a rating of 3.9 out of 5. Despite not being as famous a brand as others, the Recital remains a solid choice for budget-conscious beginners starting their piano journey. Its portability, price-quality ratio, and versatile options make it easy to navigate for beginners. The lack of advanced features does not detract from its value as an excellent choice for beginners looking for exceptional value in a digital piano.

A focused woman with headphones reading sheet music and playing a black digital piano

The Alesis Donner DEP-20 Beginner Digital Piano

Continuing with digital piano bundles for beginners, the Donner DEP-20 stands out as an important solution tailored for novice pianists. Once again, we're talking about a full-sized piano with 88 fully weighted keys: an instant pick for those seeking an authentic playing experience to help beginners develop their finger strength. This portable option includes a furniture stand and a 3-pedal unit, enhancing stability for performances on stage while replicating the look and functionality of a traditional piano. Its dual-tone setting provides the opportunity to play along with a friend or teacher, producing two sounds simultaneously. Moreover, this 128-polyphony digital piano offers tone types like ukulele, drums, and bass, combined with practical multimedia settings, creating the perfect environment for creativity and inspiration at the beginner level.


  • Affordable option for a reputable brand of digital piano with a solid stand and pedal unit.

  • Creativity-focused instrument due to its inclusion of voice, dual-tone, and other multimedia settings.

  • Fully weighted 88 keys provide an authentic piano experience while maintaining portability.


  • The quality of the built-in features might be limited when compared to higher-end models and brands.

  • Slightly larger than other models on this list, so if you have limited space or plan to move it often, you might consider a more compact option.

Rating: 4.2/5

Our seasoned piano experts have given the Donner DEP-20 a 4.2/5 star rating. This model is a solid choice for a digital piano specifically aimed at beginners. Its value proposition and the combination of functionality, authenticity, and creative possibilities foster collaborative learning that enhances entry-level skills. Despite its limitations, this digital piano remains an affordable choice for those seeking a more immersive experience due to its inclusion of a stand and pedal unit.

Close-up of a black Korg digital piano

The Korg B2 Beginner Digital Piano

The Korg B2 is an excellent choice for beginners seeking a super easy-to-use digital piano that maintains rich sound quality. Its modern features, such as sound selection, bundled software, and solid connectivity options, make it a well-balanced instrument that will enhance your piano adventure. This portable digital piano allows you to explore 12 meticulously selected sounds with its sound selector, while providing a genuine piano experience thanks to its Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) 88-key keyboard. Moreover, it conveniently includes helpful accessories like a sustain pedal and a suitable music rest for sheet music or mobile devices, offering accessible access to your favorite songs.


  • The model’s signature Natural Weighted Hammer Action keyboard provides a realistic acoustic piano-like touch response.

  • Superior audio quality delivers clear and dynamic sound thanks to its built-in speakers.

  • Its simplicity to navigate and manage interface makes it more than an ideal selection for novices starting their digital piano exploration.


  • Built-in functions and selection of sounds are limited in contrast to higher-end digital piano manufacturers.

  • The B2’s connectivity options are not advanced, which might make it unsuitable for other purposes such as a studio.

Rating: 4.1/5

After carefully testing this model, our qualified piano teachers have awarded a respectable evaluation of 4.1 out of 5. Considering its limitations and positive features, the Korg B2 is a reliable digital piano that is perfect for beginners looking for a straightforward instrument with impressive sound quality.

High angle shot of a black digital Roland digital piano and chair over a colorful rug

The Roland RP30 Beginner Digital Piano

This special edition of the Roland RP30 digital piano is one of our teachers’ favorites. It's an excellent investment for entry-level players seeking an easy-to-use digital piano with premium sound quality. This 88-note keyboard offers graded hammer action in a stylish dark rosewood cabinet with built-in audio speakers. Its authentic tone provides ample room for growth in playability, thanks to its nuanced response, multiple pedaling techniques, and useful built-in practice tools. Additionally, this elegant digital piano combines advanced connectivity options with dual headphone jacks and convenient portability, making it advantageous for various stages of your piano progress. Connect it to your mobile device, link it to a variety of software, use USB MIDI support, or simply play with your headphones on; this piano is a fantastic and versatile option for beginners and well-seasoned piano players alike.


  • Superior audio technology, accompanied by a legendary brand reputation.

  • Graded hammer action keys with escapement for realistic touch response and attention to every detail of your playing.

  • Multiple connectivity options for effortless smart device compatibility.

  • Suitable for all learning stages, making it a great option for serious musicians.


  • Higher prices compared to other entry-level digital piano models.

  • Some of its features might be advanced for novice piano players.

Rating: 5/5

Our teachers have decided to give this digital piano a stellar review of 5 out of 5. This special edition of the Roland RP30 is an absolute gem for beginners due to its reliability, superior sound and connectivity features, its small footprint, and last but not least, its practice tools. Even though its price represents a higher investment, we believe it is worth making. Its advanced functions are tailored to build a lasting piano experience for serious musicians. Its versatility, premium quality, and thoughtful design make it a valuable instrument for digital piano beginners.


Hands of a woman playing a black digital piano

The Zhruns Beginner Digital Piano

As a final option, our school’s experts recommend the comprehensive Zhruns Digital Piano. This model is similar to the Donner DEP-20 that we suggested earlier in this guide since it comes with 128 polyphony sound and well-equipped multimedia settings. However, its main differentiating points are its dual Bluetooth system, the recording control, and its inclusion of a sturdy yet lightweight sustain pedal. This 88 fully weighted key instrument features both input and output jacks to compose and store music, while providing an acoustic piano-like experience thanks to its heavy hammer keyboard. Finally, this Zhruns model presents multiple demo songs and rhythms, allowing you to create richer musical compositions. Overall, this digital piano is a good addition for beginners and professional players alike.


  • Fully weighted keys with heavy hammer action for a realistic piano feel.

  • Comprehensive bundle at an affordable price.

  • Suitable for all piano levels and a wide range of styles and playing preferences.


  • Limited built-in features like speakers, sounds, and advanced connectivity.

  • Assembly of certain components might be required. This would be an easy assembly that does not represent a major problem. However, it might be a time-consuming task for a few piano students.

Rating: 4/5

Despite its limited capabilities compared to higher-end models, the Zhruns Digital Piano is a reasonably priced option for a beginner’s digital piano. Our experts have decided to give a 4 out of 5 recommendation for the most budget-friendly option in our guide, considering its value, portability, and durability. This digital piano is a really good option for those starters looking for a balanced mix of reliability, performance, and price that will certainly make a great start to your piano journey.

Digital Piano Accessories for Beginners

You might be wondering if you really need digital piano accessories as a beginner. At Greater Toronto Music School, we have carefully tested many piano accessories! Our awarded piano lessons make us avid users of cutting-edge digital piano gear for musicians of all levels, including novice players. Our teachers’ consensus is that, even if you don’t need fancy equipment to begin your digital piano journey, you should definitely check out these three essentials that will enhance your playing experience from the beginning without breaking the bank.

Keep reading for the details on our best digital piano accessory picks for you to complement your piano buys in 2024.

A light wood colored Moog synthesizer over its stand

We'd like to start our essential accessory list with this excellent addition to a beginner’s piano setup. The Donner Duet Bench is not only stylish and comfortable, it also includes useful storage underneath the seat to keep your piano process organized. It’s ideal for storing your piano books, sheet music, small accessories, and other digital piano essentials. This wooden seat features a high-density sponge-padded cushion in different colors and easily seats two people, making it ideal for in-person lessons or duet practice sessions.

Another crucial accessory for beginner digital piano players looking to add expression and dynamism to their piano performance. Much like an acoustic piano, the Fore Piano Sustain Pedal allows you to add a realistic feel with sustained notes and chords. This accessory is sturdy and durable, featuring a heavy-duty mechanism that ensures longevity, even through hours of practice and intense transportation trips. This model comes with 2 switchable modes to work with different types of pianos and includes its respective cable and jack.

And lastly, we want to highlight an overlooked essential that should definitely make it to your piano buying list: Piano Stands. For the benefit of your posture and in order to develop correct technique, we consider this accessory necessary if you have already purchased your digital piano. Our top instructors’ selection for the best digital piano stand is the PrimeCables Double-Brace X. This adjustable height model easily adapts to fit your playing style and comfort preferences, offering stability and support for any 88-note keyboard. The double brace has a durable construction and a compact design, providing an easy setup experience that offers flexibility and convenience for beginners to focus on their playing.

Buying Advice: How do I Choose a Digital Piano for Beginners?

Testing out every digital piano yourself can be quite challenging. Not everyone has the luxury of visiting multiple stores, and not everyone has a deep understanding of how each element should ideally sound and look. We want to keep it simple and easy to understand, so we've narrowed down the key factors to consider when selecting a digital piano for beginners.

Five Features to Consider When Buying an Entry-Level Digital Piano

According to our music school’s expert advice, the essential features to consider when buying a beginner digital piano are Keyboard Action, Sound Quality, Portability, Price-Quality Ratio, and Brand Reliability.

With the right combination, you can find the model that suits your goals, budget –and most importantly– inspires you to grow and learn your first notes. If you are really just beginning, many of these terms may sound strange to you, so keep reading to understand everything you need to know for buying a beginner digital piano.

Keyboard Action

Our experienced piano teachers strongly recommend digital piano options with hammer action or weighted keys. These are usually more expensive models that not only provide a more authentic piano playing experience, but also help beginners develop important piano skills. Moreover, weighted keys can prevent recurrent injuries, as they train your muscles to play properly.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of a digital piano refers to how good the instrument sounds when you play it. This feature significantly contributes to a more accurate and expressive sound depending on how realistic and sensitive to touch the piano is. Checking for volume output devices like speakers and headphone ports is strongly recommended when deciding what digital piano to buy, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned musician.


This important feature refers to the level of convenience when moving the instrument around. If you are planning on learning piano with in-person classes, ideally you want to choose an easier-to-transport digital piano. This might also be helpful in potential performances, practice sessions, and rehearsals if you are an aspiring musician. So, you would want to look for a lightweight digital piano with additional features like carrying handles and wheels.

Price-Quality Ratio

Price-quality ratio is key when it comes to getting the best value for your money. So, you want to make the most out of your music experience without spending too much. Comparing digital piano features with a focus on your goals and needs will guide you to find the key points and financing options available. You will not want to buy wrong and regret!

Brand Reliability

Brand reliability refers to how trustworthy and dependable a digital piano brand is. For instance, high end manufacturers like Yamaha, Casio, or Roland are all excellent and remarkable options included in this guide. However, our list also chooses to showcase more affordable products that are known for their great quality and versatility, while still providing a solid brand option.

Where Is the Best Place to Get Beginner Piano Lessons?

Now that you have purchased (or at least picked) your instrument and accessories, you might be wondering how to play the digital piano as a beginner. As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, I didn’t have family or friends who could teach me the basics when I started, and I am aware that very few people have such an option. It is recommended to start your piano journey at a reputable school if you are able, as they build a strong foundation for new learners. At Greater Toronto Music School, our top piano teachers are available for online piano lessons or in-person piano lessons in Toronto. Contact us today, we would love to help!

*This post contains affiliate links so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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