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Make practicing music more fun!

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Practicing should never feel like a chore. At Greater Toronto Music School, we aim to inspire our students and cultivate a passion that will motivate them to pick up their instrument and play! Even the most inspired musicians go through phases where they lack motivation, so don't worry if you feel like you may need to take a day off. We hope this post will help you to stay inspired and have the most fun you can while practicing your craft. Even though our focus is on music lessons in Toronto, these techniques can be applied no matter where you are.

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Set goals for your music practice

Set specific goals for yourself and write them down before you begin practicing. These goals can be anything, the important part here is the intention. Some examples are, "I will learn the first 8 bars of my new piece" or "I will play my last piece from memory. Set goals that will push you but make sure they are attainable within the amount of time you have to practice. Having specific goals to work towards will keep your practice focused and will keep you motivated. Make sure to reward yourself when you attain your goals!

Experiment with different practice styles, schedules and even locations.

Don't just play your piece from start to finish, over and over. This gets monotonous and you lose the opportunity to zero in on the more difficult sections that will require more work. Try to break the piece down, section by section. You will find that as you master the more difficult sections piece by piece, you feel a sense of accomplishment that motivates you to keep going. Experiment with different tempos and different dynamic levels to keep things fresh and interesting. Instead of always starting with your favourite piece, try practicing it at the end as a reward to yourself for doing a good job with your exercises or a piece that you don't love as much. If your instrument is portable, you can try practicing outside on a nice day as well. The important thing here is to keep it fun and interesting!

Play music that you connect with.

Let your instructor know which songs you would like to learn during your lessons and they will be happy to teach you. Make sure that your instructor helps you choose songs that are appropriate for your level. Playing songs that are too easy can become boring while playing songs that are too difficult can be quite frustrating. Playing music that you love will ensure that you have a blast during your practice time.

Perform your music

Whether you decide to perform solo or as a band, you will have to practice to be ready in time for your big day. These performances do not have to be formal concerts, you could sign up for an open mic, throw a house concert or even just play for some friends who love music. Performing with other musicians is an incredibly fun and rewarding experience and a huge opportunity for growth.

Keep these points in mind as you get ready for your next practice sessions and remember to have fun!

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