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Guitar Lessons In Toronto: The Joys Of Learning As An Adult

As we get older, it’s normal to lose sight of our passions to make way for family, friends, and everyday chores. But for all adults regardless of age, playing the guitar can have such great benefits for your mind, body, and soul. If you’ve been interested in learning a new skill or taking up a hobby, playing the guitar is the perfect choice!

1. Boost Your Creativity As An Adult

When we’re young, we’re forced to tap our creativity to excel in school and to have fun at home. But as we get older, this sense of creativity starts to dwindle. Although you will learn how to play songs you already know and love, it’s the perfect instrument to show your creative side through improvised melodies and songs. You may even be shocked with how creative you can get on your guitar when you’re practicing by yourself at home!

2. Destress & Focus On Yourself

If we’re being completely honest, being an adult is very stressful! We’re constantly worried about others and never truly take a moment to focus on ourselves. Listening to and playing music is known to relieve stress and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. When you play, the entire world melts away and you’re focused only on the music. As you begin to feel more comfortable behind the guitar, your Toronto guitar lessons and practice time can almost feel like a form of therapy!

3. Increase Your Self-Esteem

Whether you’re playing in front of your Toronto guitar teacher, family, or a group of strangers–it takes a lot of guts to show off your musical skills! As you start to feel more confident in your playing, your self-esteem will increase tenfold. This will not only improve the quality of your playing, but it can also help in other areas of your life such as public speaking at work.

4. Sharpen Your Memory & Concentration

Let’s face it: as we age, so does our memory, focus, and concentration skills. Learning how to play the guitar helps to sharpen both your memory and concentration in all areas of your life, not just in music! Studies have found that when you play the guitar, the part of your brain that is in control of your hearing and memory all become more active.

In addition, the guitar can help improve your concentration through multi-tasking. While playing, you need to f

ocus on the placement and movement of your fingers as well as the rhythm, pitch, and tone of the song. Both practicing and taking guitar lessons in Toronto force you to concentrate solely on being a better musician which will improve concentration skills throughout the rest of your life.

5. Strengthen Your Body & Improve Posture

Believe it or not, playing the guitar can be a workout! First, you have to have the right posture otherwise you’ll start to feel uncomfortable very quickly. Second, you’ll need to build up your hand and arm strength to play correctly. At first, your hand may get sore or start to feel weak. This just means that you’re getting stronger! As you continue to play, your posture will improve and the strength in your hands/arms will increase. Your Toronto guitar teacher will know how to help.

6. Provide A Sense Of Accomplishment

At a younger age, we go through so many different life accomplishments–graduations, major birthdays, getting married, and more. As we get older, those big moments to celebrate become less and less as we give way to the youths in our lives. But this doesn’t mean we should stop learning and accomplishing new things! Learning how to play an instrument and hitting those major milestones in your journey can provide a huge sense of accomplishment and give us something to celebrate.

7. Expand Into Other Instruments

Once you master the guitar, you may be interested in broadening your horizons to play other instruments or genres of music. Learning the guitar means a better understanding of a broader musical knowledge. This understanding can transfer over to other instruments and make it much easier to play them!

8. Boost Your Discipline

Taking the time to sit down and practice every day takes a lot of discipline. It’s easy to get wrapped up in everything that’s going on in our own lives and in the world, so it can be hard to make time for a new skill. Playing the guitar builds discipline through the repetition of constantly practicing and playing. This discipline can transcend outside of music to help you build a healthier routine filled with exercise, brain strengthening tasks, and more!

9. Join A Community

One of the absolute joys of learning how to play the guitar is that it opens you up to an entirely new world and the people within it. People who love playing and listening to music are some of the most passionate people out there. Getting into the music scene will help you expand your mind but also your friend group! You’ll be able to meet people who live both close and far who share similar interests and hobbies. As we all know, it can be tough making new friends in adulthood but learning how to play the guitar makes it that much easier!

10. Have Fun

At the end of the day, playing the guitar should be fun! It’s a creative outlet that allows you to forget about what’s going on in the world and in your life and just focus on making some music. Practicing and taking lessons allows you to carve out specific time to let loose and have fun with something new and exciting. And there is nothing better than being able to say you learned how to play a new song!

Ready to get started on your journey learning how to play the guitar in Toronto and beyond? Check out Greater Toronto Music School for the top music lessons in the area! We offer personalized lesson plans based on your skill level, music tastes, and learning style. We can also figure out the right lesson cadence based on your busy schedule. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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