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Music Lessons In Toronto: The Benefits For Toddlers

From toddlers to adults, music lessons in Toronto can enrich so many different areas of our lives. In fact, starting music lessons from a young age can truly change your child’s life for the better; from expanded communication skills to boosted confidence. Today, we’re diving into the benefits of music lessons in Toronto for toddlers!

1. Music Lessons Teach Discipline From a Young Age

If there is one skill that every toddler needs a little help with, it’s usually patience. Learning how to play an instrument is all about the journey because they won’t be an expert musician right away. This means that music lessons are all about delayed gratification. This will help teach your toddler patience through practice and that not all of their goals can be met right away. To make their favourite sounds or play their favourite songs, they’ll need to dedicate time and practice to perfecting their art.

It also teaches them that mistakes are okay! We all make mistakes along our musical journey and without mistakes, none of us would be good at what we do. Toddlers will be able to learn that mistakes pave the way for future accomplishments which is an invaluable skill.

2. Music Lessons Boost Self-Esteem

When a child excels in something (whether it be in school or at a hobby), their personality blooms and they’re more open with those around them. Learning how to play a specific instrument or just simply getting creative with a pair of bongos can help give your child a sense of accomplishment and make them feel more confident. Down the line this increased self-esteem can help them exceed in school and even in their careers!

3. Music Lessons Provide a Creative and Emotional Outlet

Childhood is a critical time to figure out how to deal with emotions. If a child isn’t taught how to express their emotions the right way, it can lead to them lashing out and further issues later in their life. Taking music lessons in Toronto from a young age allows them to have a healthy and creative outlet to express how they’re feeling. Rather than throwing a tantrum at home, they can release those feelings of frustration on a set of drums. Once they start taking lessons, you may truly see a radical difference in their behaviour!

4. Music Lessons Improve Language Development

Music isn’t just about guitar riffs and piano keys–it’s all about listening and understanding melodies, notes, crescendos, and more. This musical understanding will improve your child’s listening skills as well as their language skills. Through Toronto music lessons, they’ll be able to pick up on nuances and subtle sounds of language that they may not otherwise have been exposed to!

5. Music Lessons Strengthen Communication Skills

Whether they’re taking private lessons with an instructor in Toronto or they’re taking a group class, your toddler will have to be subjected to talking to new people in a way they may not be used to. They'll be able to learn valuable teamwork skills and how to communicate properly with their instructor if they’re not understanding something.

6. Music Lessons Create Routine

As a parent, life can get hectic with your toddler trying to juggle everything at once while also setting the right routine for them. Taking music lessons in Toronto on a regular basis

while also practicing often can make setting that routine much easier. Routines for toddlers have actually been found to lower stress levels, increase confidence, improve sleep, and allow them to feel smarter. Putting aside time each day for practice and each week for a lesson can help them fall into a routine that both of you feel good about.

7. Music Lessons Improve Memory

Many people say that access to technology has deeply hurt the brain's ability to remember important details. Music will force your toddler to focus on one thing at a time without any distractions. They’ll be learning how to remember beats, rhythms, lyrics, and how to read music later down the line. This focus and repetition of learning will help improve their memory both in and out of their Toronto music lessons!

8. Music Lessons Increase IQ and Academic Scores

During their toddler years, you may not be thinking of their grades just yet, but music lessons will set them up for success a few years down the line! There have been countless studies done that show children who have taken music lessons have a higher IQ score compared to those students who have never taken lessons. Because learning music theory and how to play an instrument can help boost their memory, they’ll have an easier time acing their tests and getting higher grades. Additionally, music and math are deeply connected. Teaching them beats, rhythms, and scales from a young age will make things such as fractions and patterns come easier to them as they grow up.

9. Music Lessons Expand Cultural Understanding

If there is one thing that binds everyone together regardless of your age or where you’re from–it’s music! Regardless of the type of music lessons in Toronto you choose to place your toddler in, they will be sure to learn about music from all over the world. This will not only keep the lessons interesting and fun for your child, but it will also teach them about different cultures and where certain genres of music originate from. Having a deeper cultural knowledge as a child can help open them up more to new experiences and travel for the rest of their lives.

10. Music Lessons Are Fun!

Possibly the biggest benefit of all is that music can make them happy! Whether they’re taking music lessons in Toronto, online music lessons or practicing at home, music is universally known to boost our moods by creating a space and time to have fun. And who doesn’t want a happy child?!

We offer the top music lessons in Toronto here at Greater Toronto Music School for children and adults of all ages. From piano to percussion to guitar and more, we are confident that we can find both an instrument and lesson plan that will keep your toddler engaged and happy! Give us a call today to learn more.

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