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Strengthening The Bond Between You & Your Child With Family Music Classes In Toronto

You may have heard of the vast benefits that can come out of your child taking Toronto music classes, but have you ever heard of family music classes? Family music classes have been around for decades but have recently been growing in popularity as a way to form a deeper connection between a parent and a child all while making positive memories together and providing a really solid intro to music education for youngsters. Think you’re interested in trying out family music classes? Read on for the top 6 benefits of playing music as a family!

Family Music Classes In Toronto

1. Mood booster

Listening to and playing music has been found to almost instantly elevate the mood in both children and adults. Regardless of your age, it’s easy to feel down or cranky at times, but as soon as you start playing music with your loved ones that mood changes. This is because music is processed in the part of the brain that is responsible for our emotions and mood. Music also increases dopamine which helps counteract any feelings of anxiety or sadness.

2. Strengthens connections

Some parents may find it hard to find a common connection or point of interest with their young child, but music can be just that! Music acts as a universal bond that creates a common interest regardless of your ages or where you live. During music lessons, you’re playing together and trying to find a similar beat which creates a sense of group connection. It’s also a way to encourage each other to try things out of your comfort zone and have fun while doing it. Spending this quality time together will only strengthen your relationship which can actually lead to better behaviour outside of the music classroom!

3. Build skills

Music lessons have immense benefits on our brains and bodies regardless of age, but playing music as a family can also provide these same benefits (and more!) Young children can sometimes have a hard time trying something new–whether that’s because they’re shy, afraid of failing, or don’t like change. Starting family music classes when they’re young will get them acquainted with newness and change. They’ll be able to see their parent(s) trying to learn new skills and sometimes failing at them! This will set an example for your kid that it’s okay to try things out, be challenged, and sometimes make mistakes. But because you’re showing them it’s important to get back up and continue, it will boost their confidence and self-esteem more than you know. Life is all about learning from our mistakes, and family music lessons can help teach your kid this at a very young age!

4. Forms Memories

Have you ever heard a song or a sound and been instantly transported back to a specific time or event in your life? That’s because the relationship between music and memory is extremely strong! To understand how this works, you’ll have to understand a bit about how our brain is set up. We have two different types of long-term memories–explicit and implicit. Our implicit memory is formed unconsciously while explicit is the deliberate remembering of past events. Implicit memories can be made simply by smelling a distinct scent or listening to a specific song. This means that hearing a song later in your life can help jumpstart your memory to remember another time that you heard that same song years ago. In fact, the bond between music and memory is so strong that it’s often used to help Alzheimer’s patients to recall things that have happened in their past. Family music classes can help both you and your child form memories together in years that are so formative and important to them.

5. Intergenerational bonds

With how fast the world is changing everyday, it may be hard for your child to find something in common with their grandparents or great-grandparents. Getting your kid immersed in the world of music can help find a common ground to bond over! Family music classes allow your child to appreciate a wide range of music which can help them form stronger relationships with people outside of the classroom. No matter how old you are, where you’re from, or what you like, there’s a very good chance that you have a favourite song or a favourite genre. At the end of the day, music is ageless and will never go out of style!

6. Relieve stress

You may think music classes are just for your child, but they can actually have quite a mental impact on you as well. Listening to music, playing music, and singing have all been shown to lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels and slow down the heart rate. On the other hand, music can also raise our dopamine levels which is our brain’s reward system (AKA what makes you feel happy!) Music takes your mind off the outside world so when you’re in family music lessons, you can focus only on the music and making memories with your child. All of this stress relief doesn’t just help your mind though. Because music has been shown to lower stress levels and slow the heart rate, it’s also been linked to a lower risk of serious heart disease and other bodily issues. The bottom line is–music is amazing for both you and your kid!

Family Music Classes In Toronto

At the end of the day, making music together is fun! If nothing else convinces you, know that music is a creative outlet that can be equally as fun for both you and your child. What more can you ask for?!

At Greater Toronto Music School, we are all about strengthening the parent/child bond through the ways of music. Reach out to us today to learn more about how music can impact both you and your kid and how to sign up for family music classes in Toronto!

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