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The Joys Of Toronto Drum Lessons As An Adult

There are many adults out there that love music but shy away from learning how to play an instrument because they think they’re too old or are scared they won’t be able to get the hang of it. But this couldn’t be less true! Learning how to play an instrument like the drums in our adult years can provide us with so many enriching skills and experiences to make our lives feel fulfilled. Keep reading to learn all about the joys of playing the drums as an adult!

A Toronto Drum Teacher

Toronto Drum Lessons Provide Exercise

Regardless of the instrument that you decide to play, you will be getting a work out. In particular, the drums require a lot of different movements that will work different parts of the body. In fact, did you know that on average you burn over 270 calories playing the drums for just 30 minutes?! That’s a pretty good workout if you ask us! So, if your body feels sore after playing, don’t fret! It just means you were getting a good workout while also making some music.

Because you use your whole body to play the drums, regular practice will help improve your coordination skills, posture, and balance. If you think about it, drum sets have multiple different drums and cymbals that you have to figure out how to play simultaneously. This requires your limbs to make different movements one after the other which boosts hand-eye coordination. It’s also easier and more effective to play if you have good posture and are anchored to your seat. This form allows you to improve your balancing skills and create better posture. All of these physical skills are beneficial outside of your music lessons and will make you feel good no matter what you’re doing!

A Toronto Drum Teacher

Toronto Drum Lessons Give You A Social Outlet

If there is one thing about music, it’s that it’s all about community. Music and drumming more specifically, can be seen as a way to connect with others outside of spoken words. As we get older, there are less and less opportunities for us to expand our circle and meet new people. Playing the drums opens up a new world to a different community where you can connect with people that all have similar interests. Even if you choose to take lessons online or at home, you can meet people through forums or groups in your area. The friends that you’ll meet through drumming make for bonds that will last a lifetime!

Toronto Drum Lessons Reduce Stress

One of the biggest and best things about drumming is that it is known to reduce stress levels. If you’ve ever heard of a runner’s high, a drummer’s high is the same thing! When you play the drums, your body naturally reduces stress hormones while upping your endorphin levels. As we all know, exercising can help relieve stress and because playing the drums requires a lot of physical endurance, this produces the same effect! Also, the vibrations and sounds made from the drums produce antibodies called immunoglobulin A which are known to lower cortisol levels in the body. Whether you’re feeling stressed, frustrated, or sad, take your emotions out on the drums rather than bottling those emotions up or lashing out on your loved ones!

Toronto Drum Lessons Help To Increase Your Self-Confidence

Drums keep the beat of the music which means that you have to learn how to be confident knowing that you’re the one keeping the song going. To learn the drums is to learn how to play both loudly and softly depending on the music and section of the tune. Regardless of who you’re playing for, playing the drums requires guts and confidence to put yourself out there. Similarly, learning how to play requires resiliency to stand back up again after you’ve made mistakes. All of these skills that come from playing the drums result in a higher level of self-esteem that will transcend outside of your music journey!

Toronto Drum Lessons Help To Keep Your Mind Sharp

It’s no surprise that as we get older, so does our brain. Research has shown that learning new skills (like the drums) helps keep your mind sharp through increased memory retention and focus. Just like playing the drums works out your body, it also strengthens your mind. This is especially true while you’re learning how to read music.

An online drum instructor

Toronto Drum Lessons Can Help You Connect With Your Children

From generation to generation, there is one thing that everyone can relate to–and that’s music! Learning how to play the drums can help you connect on a deeper level with your loved ones whether that’s your children, grandchildren, or even parents. You can even take lessons with your loved ones so you can learn how to play the drums together!

Taking on a new skill in adulthood makes you a great role model for any children in your life. You’re showing them that it’s important to always keep learning regardless of your age or experience. Plus, who wouldn’t want to hang out with their cool parent who knows how to rock out on the drums?!

Toronto Drum Lessons Are Fun!

Don’t forget that music should be all about having fun and showing off your creativity. Both the process of learning how to play the drums and actually playing them should be something that you look forward to because of the fun that you can have. Let all of your stressful thoughts just melt away while you take out all of your bad feelings on the drums! And don’t forget to learn how to play some of your favorite songs so you can feel even more connected to the instrument.

Drums lessons in Toronto

At Greater Toronto Music School, we pride ourselves on our fun and exciting drum lessons in Toronto. We personalize your lessons to your age, skill level, music interests, and needs. We offer drum lessons every single day of the week to fit around your busy schedule. We even offer online or in-home private lessons so that you can keep your day flexible. Give us a call today to learn more about the possibilities of drum lessons and get connected with one of our highly-trained drum instructors!

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