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Violin, Piano, Trumpet, Voice

Clara is a music teacher residing in Markham, ON. She started learning piano at the age of 5, violin at the age of 10, and trumpet at the age of 11 in her school's band program. She also joined a children’s choir and musical theatre troupe at Yip’s Canada when she was 9 years old. Through her years of learning, she continued to hone her passion for music and expand on her skills in and out of the classroom. She found her love for teaching through tutoring her school peers and other private students studying music outside of school. Currently, she holds an ARCT Performer’s diploma in both piano (2011) and violin (2014), and also earned the RCM Gold Medal for attaining the highest mark in level 9 violin (2013). In 2014, she was considered one of the top 5 finalists in the York Region Haydn Trumpet Concerto competition, hosted by the Markham Concert Band. During her study tenure at the University of Waterloo, she was an integral member of the university’s orchestra where she was concertmaster in two of her study terms.

Apart from classical music study, Clara has also developed an interest in music arranging and sometimes improvises on the piano to familiar pop tunes. She also composes music for fun, expanding on the melodies that come to mind from time to time. 

Clara’s vision for music lessons is not only to help students foster their passion for music but to gain a greater appreciation of the art and integrate it into their daily lives, regardless of how big of a role it plays. She’s always believed that music unites people through collaboration and shared interests, and aims to encourage that with her students and peers. There will be ups and downs throughout the musical journey, but hard work, persistence, and an open mind will help pull through the obstacles, and the final performance will always feel rewarding.

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