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Guitar, Piano, Drums, Mandolin, Violin

Joe is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and educator originally hailing from Cape Breton Island and now residing in Toronto. While growing up with a heavy dosage of Cape Breton Fiddle music, Joe stumbled upon 50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll music through his parents. His father, an accomplished fiddle player himself, introduced Joe to whatever instruments he could and by the age 12, he settled on the guitar and started learning some of the Rock ‘n’ Roll music he enjoyed. From there, he discovered other genres and took an interest in Blues music.

After high school, Joe wanted to study music more seriously and enrolled at St. Francis Xavier University where he graduated from the Jazz Program with a Bachelor of Music. After graduating, Joe took every opportunity that came his way and performed in a variety of bands playing Country, Rock, Celtic, Jazz, or Folk which eventually led him to settle in Toronto. Joe continues to be an active member of the Toronto music community and can be found teaching and performing regularly in the city.

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