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Piano, Trumpet

Kevin is an accomplished pianist and dedicated music teacher currently based in Toronto. His passion for music pedagogy brought in to the University of Toronto, where he studied music education.

With over a decade of playing and teaching experience, he

brings a dynamic approach to music lessons, tailored to each student's unique

learning style and goals. He currently performs in countless concerts, festivals, and

masterclasses during the year, while volunteering with community members and local

schools to enhance educational programs.

Throughout his career, Kevin has cultivated a teaching approach that combines

traditional pedagogy with innovative techniques, creating a stimulating and enriching

learning environment. He believes in nurturing technical proficiency, artistic expression,

and musical understanding in his students.

Kevin is comfortable teaching all play styles, from pop tunes to jazz and classical.

He is familiar with and able to adapt to any of your playing needs. Bring in any music

and you can learn to play it!

Whether guiding beginners through their first notes or coaching advanced students for

competitions and recitals, Kevin is deeply committed to each student's musical journey.

His warm demeanour, patience, and dedication inspire students to reach new heights of

musical excellence while fostering a lifelong love for the piano.

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