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Violin, Voice, Drums

Classical violinist and top Toronto violin teacher, Dr. Nusrat Mumtaz Ruposhi, is descended from an extensive bloodline of talented artists. Living in Toronto, Canada today, was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to a renowned cultural family, she grew up surrounded by all manner of creativity. Her mother, the late Mrs. Alpana Mumtaz, was an illustrious dancer, dance director and founder of the music school Kothakali Sangeet Bidalaya. Her aunt, the late Mrs. Rowshan Jamil, is a house-hold name in Bangladesh, renowned for acting in countless movies and dramas. In an environment that fostered art of all kinds, Dr. Ruposhi began her training in music and dance when she was three years old at Kothakali Sangeet Biddalaya.

In 1989, she founded an all-girls band named Noble Sentiments and casted herself in the role of the drummer. Even today, she still engages the use of percussion in her music compositions. As a singer, she has performed in two Music Albums, a Pop Music record called “Ties” and a Bengali Music Album known as “Money Porey”, respectively released in 1995 and 1996.

In 1994, Dr. Ruposhi began her extensive training as a violinist through a scholarship program sponsored by the Indian government. She completed her Bachelor of Performing Arts and Masters of Performing Arts in 1997 and 1999, respectively from Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda, Gujarat, India. She graduated with excellence, merit and a reputation for musical brilliance. In her MPA, she not only secured the top position in her own department, she was ranked as the principal graduate among all students from each of the university’s four departments pertaining to the performing arts. During her Bachelor’s degree and Master’s training, Dr. Ruposhi’s violin education specialized in the ‘Gayaki Style’ of North Indian Ragas, instructed under the eminent classical violinist, Sri Neelkanth Nahar Ghaneker.


Dr. Ruposhi is the first Bangladeshi violinist to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in performing arts. Through the Indian government’s scholarship program, and the guidance of Professor DK. Bhonsle, Dr. Ruposhi has completed her Ph.D thesis in the faculty of performing arts at the Maharaja Sayajirao University. Her Ph.D research topic, “Forms and Styles of North Indian Classical Music in Bangladesh”,

Dr. Ruposhi has been performing solo, as well as accompanying classical violinists, both nationally and internationally since 1998. As a representative of the Bangladesh Cultural Delegation, she presented solo violin recitals in Iraq and Jordan in 1999. She has been performing in various cities in India since 1998, as a solo performer and alongside her Guru, Sri Ghanekar. In Bangladesh, Dr. Ruposhi’s debut violin solo was in 1998, at the national museum auditorium.


Dr. Ruposhi, in 1998, was selected to perform at the ‘Pramanad Hall’ in Baroda, a function that identifies and certifies ‘Kalke Kalakar’ (promising artists of the future). With great honor, Dr. Ruposhi received the certificate of Kalke Kalaker from India. In addition to numerous solo performances in Gujarat, Dr. Ruposhi has played alongside her Guru on many occasions all over India. While training, Dr. Ruposhi was considered by her Guru as one of his most promising disciples, consequently selected to perform with him in many places throughout India. In 2000, she presented a two-hour long classical violin solo at the prestigious ‘Durbar Hall’, in the presence of the king of Baroda.

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