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8 Benefits Of In-Person Music Lessons In Toronto Or Online Music Lessons

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Although music is often thought of as an extracurricular activity focused on enjoyment, people study music for a variety of reasons and studying music can have many benefits (outside of music) as a result of that effort. At Greater Toronto Music School, we believe music is beneficial in many areas related to learning and development for the individual. Here are some of the fantastic benefits that can come from studying music.

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1. Music Lessons Help Develop Language

Music itself is a language. Studies done by PBS have shown that practicing an instrument stimulates the part of the brain that processes language (especially if the student is reading music). This practice of studying the relationships in dynamics and patterns (both tonal and rhythmic) within music can be helpful in learning a new language. All languages (including music), have melody, pitch and rhythm. Playing music is much like talking, especially when soloing/improvising.

2. Music Lessons Help Develop Memory

Practicing music also has a profound effect on the brain relating to memory. The repetition and constant learning of new songs, scales and chords etc. helps to train our brains to learn and remember more efficiently. Studies done by Harvard Health have shown that music can be beneficial to patients recovering from a stroke. Singing and remembering lyrics help patients to repair pathways or build new ones. Playing and actively listening to music stimulates the Cerebellum, the same part of the brain that processes language, motor function and also memory (both internal memory and muscle memory). Check out the inspiring documentary Alive Inside for a look at how music can affect Alzheimer's patients.

3. Music Lessons Help Boost Self-Esteem

Through the commitment of learning and practicing regularly, students can develop a sense of accomplishment and boost their self-esteem as an internal reward. Outside reward often comes in the form of praise from family, friends, teachers and even fans. Often those who enjoy studying music can develop a form of self-expression that is a healthy boost to their mental health. For many people, emotions that are hard to put into words can be channeled or expressed through music in a healthy and constructive way. Having this form of self expression and sense of accomplishment can lead to a boost in self esteem. Our excellent teachers at Greater Toronto Music School help to keep students encouraged and focused on their journey in music with goal setting and positive reinforcement.

4. Music Lessons Help Develop Math Skills

Music is math.When learning to subdivide rhythms, students are essentially strengthening and practicing fractions. Learning to split the notes into quarters, eighths, sixteenths and triplets and how to count bars full of combinations of these rhythms help to internalize mathematical concepts in a tactile way. The repetition and constant use of these concepts helps to internalize them in an intimate way because the student also learns to feel the subdivision.

5. Music Lessons Help To Relieve Stress

Listening to music can make people feel really good, but studying or playing music can also be a great source of stress relief. Music is a physical activity and can bring a physical and emotional release for the person playing. By focusing on something that is emotionally rewarding, the student may achieve a sense of calm, sometimes referred to as “being in the zone”. Having regular practice is a great tool for relaxation and stress relief. It is important to build healthy practicing habits in order to achieve the best results. Our qualified teachers at Greater Toronto Music can help students build the healthy practicing habits they need to have fun and achieve healthy growth.

6. Music Lessons Help Boost Creativity

The process of learning and practicing music lends itself inherently to being creative. After learning the language of music, students are able to use it to create their own music or to improvise. As with any language, once learned, the speaker is able to uniquely communicate their ideas using the language as a tool. Many creative people have studied music throughout their lives at some point. Some examples are Albert Einstein, Bill Clinton and Trey Parker.

7. Music Lessons Help With Communication

Music is loved by people all over the world. Sometimes it can be used as a tool of communication between people of different languages and cultures. Music is often a great ice breaker topic or a communication tool that can be used in conjunction with or in place of traditional spoken language. Those who study music and play in bands or ensembles also learn how to better work and communicate in a team setting. This practice of learning how to play and communicate with other musicians in order to have a unified sound is a great communication and team building exercise that leads to building skills that are useful in a variety of areas outside of music.

8. Music Lesson Help Build Patience And Discipline

Learning an instrument is fun, but also requires work and effort to achieve results. Regular practicing takes discipline and commitment from the student. Often daily practice ranging from 15mins-many hours a day over many years is needed to master an instrument. This level of mastery not only takes a great deal of discipline but also a great deal of patience. Sometimes practicing can be frustrating if the desired results or sound isn’t being achieved. It is important to be patient with the process of learning and have a consistent and diligent approach to progress. Limiting expectations, setting realistic goals and focusing on having fun are important factors to focus on when studying music.

In conclusion, whether the goal of the student is to study music as a hobby or to be taken more seriously, there are many benefits of studying music that can be helpful in many areas of our lives. Apart from being fun, music has the ability to help us be better people. From cultivating a new form of expression and communication to building discipline, patience and boosting confidence, music can have a profound effect on our lives.

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