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I took in-person piano lessons in Toronto and online piano lessons: Here's what I learned.

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

In today’s modern society, we all have decisions to make. A number of them boil down to virtual or face to face. Having taken both in-person piano lessons in Toronto and online piano lessons, I am now here to break down the advantages to both.

In Person Piano lessons in Toronto and Mississauga

Many people’s initial notion when it comes to musically educational opportunities is a preference for face to face learning. When I began this journey for myself, I felt the same way. I began by finding a piano teacher near me to learn from in person.

In-person piano lessons in Toronto

The advantages of this route are clear. You have an instructor present to demonstrate proper fingering from the same vantage point as yourself. It is certainly beneficial to sit side by side with another person who can physically guide you to the correct keys and chords. They are also able to demonstrate songs and exercises with clarity and accuracy, while you, the music student, look on in real time without having to rely on screens or the internet. Meeting in person also allows you and your teacher to play music together. Playing duets, or even having your instructor key harmonies as you perform the main melody is an effective and immersive way to learn. In the current digital age, there are countless ways to locate local professional piano teachers, so the concern over not being able to find a nearby teacher is no longer a constraining factor.

During my time taking in person piano lessons, I had some days where my wifi router was experiencing some difficulties, but that was not an issue when it came to my weekly music lessons because I didn’t need an internet connection for them. Plus, afterwards, I was already out in the city, so I was able to run any errands that I had on the docket that day. Doing things in person can make you feel more connected to your surroundings and more a part of your community.

Since my piano class in Toronto took place at my instructor’s office, they were able to give me hard copies of all of the sheet music I was to practice for each coming week. As a fan of physical sheet music, who nonetheless did not own a printer, I was very appreciative of this perk. The instructor could mark up and highlight the page, which would help me to remember the ins and outs of what we had gone over during each lesson.

I really appreciated my time taking face to face piano lessons, but eventually my career brought me away from the city. I was torn, as I had previously prioritized face to face lessons, but wanted to continue learning with my initial instructor. I decided to give virtual piano lessons a try and soon found that they carry a whole slew of alternative benefits.

Online Piano Lessons

A lot of folks see online piano lessons as a less intensive way to learn a new musical art. They view the degree of separation that Zoom and the internet impose as a buffer between their drive and their ability to learn and would consequently prefer to take piano lessons in person. I used to be one of these people, but now I am here to tell you that I have had a change of heart.

Online music lessons carry a huge amount of value. For example, if you are a parent, it only makes sense for you to want to enroll your child in piano lessons. That said, you

Online Piano Lesson

are also your child’s chauffeur. Piano lessons in Toronto and Mississauga entail navigating through throngs of big city traffic, whereas virtual piano lessons reduce that commute time to nothing. They also allow a far larger span of scheduling flexibility; without travel for either party, time availability abounds. Additionally, gas prices are only going up these days, and driving to a crosstown piano class entails the hidden and now unnecessary cost of fuel.

Even if you are looking to enroll in piano lessons for yourself, the online option offers plenty of other merits such as the ability to record lessons and look back on them as you practice throughout the week. Personally, I would understand what my instructor was coaching in the moment of the lesson, but had a difficult time remembering as I looked back when practicing independently. In these moments, I found the record function to be immensely helpful. Additionally, online lessons cost less for me than the in person ones did, which saved me money on both gas and educational value.

If you’re like me, then you understand that getting to an appointment on time, whether it’s music lessons or a meeting across town, comes with a certain level of effort and anxiety. I still remember rushing to my piano class in Toronto, only to get caught up in traffic and arrive twenty minutes late. On these occasions, I still had to pay for the entire lesson time, but got far less value out of it. The issue here is that the gridlock wasn’t my fault nor was it my instructor’s, so it wasn’t fair for that time and money to come out of anyone’s pocket. Once I switched to online piano lessons, this quagmire became a thing of the past.

Eventually, I found that even though I really appreciated my initial piano teacher, I wanted to go in a different direction than they had to offer. Taking virtual lessons allowed me to shop around for different music teachers regardless of their locale. This opened up my options substantially and led to me finding the perfect instructor for my needs. Online lessons allow a student to tailor their teacher to their musical interests. Here at Greater Toronto Music School we have a span of instructors specializing in an array of genres and styles. Online lessons are a great way to try a handful of them out and see who really clicks with your priorities. Enroll here to find your perfect match!


When it comes to piano lessons in Toronto, taking them in person or virtually both offer more pros than they do cons. Neither one is the incorrect course of action; rather, they both entail different elements that can accommodate and contribute to any potential student’s education. If you are looking for more information on this modern dilemma, we have plenty more content to offer you. Just keep in mind, the important part is that you are learning and growing, and whichever route you choose will support this goal.

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Article written by Will Mayer

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