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Music Lessons In Toronto: Tips for Choosing The Right Instrument For Your Child

It’s usually not hard to tell if your child is into music or not. Do they constantly ask you to play their favourite songs? Do they sing along in the back seat of the car? Do they already have a favourite musician? If you said yes to any of these questions, chances are your kid is into music! So, why not take their musical interest and turn it into a lifelong passion and skill?! Music lessons boast so many different benefits for children (check out our blog post here to learn more!) but how do you choose the right instrument for your kid to get started on? Today, we’re sharing some things to consider when choosing the right instrument for your child!

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How to Choose the Right Instrument

There are several factors to consider when picking out an instrument for your kid to play.

Musical Interests

First and foremost, you should take into account their musical interests. A child's music preferences are usually influenced by their parents, so try to expose them to as many genres as possible to see what they really like. These interests can help determine what instrument they end up playing. For example: if they like rock music, the guitar may be for them. If they are interested in jazz, a brass instrument might be up their alley. If they’re more of a singer, opt for voice lessons in Toronto instead!

In order for their music lessons to be successful, they need to be ecstatic about learning their instrument (especially in the beginning.) This will keep them motivated to keep playing and feel proud about what they’re actually doing.


Age is a huge consideration to think about when picking out the right instrument. Certain instruments require a level of physical strength, lung capacity, and/or height. Larger instruments like the cello, saxophone, and tuba may not be the best option for a younger kid who doesn’t have the strength to hold them. Height can also play a part in the instrument they play. If you’re unsure of what instrument is going to work physically for your child, we recommend taking them to a music store and working with an associate there to figure it out. Your kid will be able to try out a range of instruments to see what is most comfortable for them.

Additionally, a level of maturity is required for music lessons. While we of course recommend your child starting young, they need to understand discipline and repetition to some degree. If your child finds it hard to focus on one task for an extended period of time, this is something to consider and let their instructor know before starting lessons.


While it’s not the most fun topic, your finances are crucial to take into account when picking out an instrument for your child. Simply put, some instruments are more expensive than others to purchase and maintain. For example, a piano can be extremely expensive to buy but typically less expensive to maintain. String instruments can be relatively inexpensive but you may need to purchase multiple of them as your child grows. You can find acoustic guitars for relatively cheap, but strings will need to be replaced and an electric guitar may be of interest in the future!

If finances are a concern, look into instrument rentals near you. They can offer a low-risk option for children–especially when they’re first getting into the world of music!

Music Lessons in Toronto For Children

Whether your child is a toddler or a teenager, Greater Toronto Music School offers lessons for them! Our qualified instructors are able to tailor lesson plans to your child and their busy schedule. Give us a call today to sign your kid up for music lessons in Toronto for the guitar, piano, violin, and so much more!

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